Stephenie Meyer, What Are You Thinking?

Meyer’s New Book 
Stephenie Meyer is venturing away from YA, and plans to write a thriller inspired by Jason Bourne-type books and movies. Though The Host was technically considered an “adult” book, we all know it was really read by her YA fans. 

First, she disappears, and then this? Girl, you need to get back to your roots…your fans are going to find new authors that stay true and represent the YA genre. I’m so disappointed…

4 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer, What Are You Thinking?

  1. I’ve only read the first Twilight book, so I don’t have much to say about Meyer as a author. I get the feeling she’ll still be read by her YA fans though. It’s much like JK Rowling’s first adult book. The people who loved it were kids and teens who had read and loved Harry Potter. I assume it did have some other readers, but I don’t know who they were. And while I think it’s difficult for authors to switch from children’s book to adult books in general (because some people still don’t take YA seriously and will just assume the author can’t “really” write quality books), Meyer has a particular stigma. Twilight is the go-to punching bag of YA. Her YA fans will stick with her, but how likely are other people to take her seriously? I don’t know. She’ll have to hope for some positive reviews from professional critics, i think.

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    1. It’s sad, really. I’ve read all the books (way after the big buzz about them), and I enjoyed them. It’s really what got me into YA. And I loved The Host, her adult novel. But to go from YA fantasy to adult thriller is like saying to your fans, “Guess what? I never really cared about you; I just used you to get famous.” I honestly don’t know why people mock her writing.
      But after the movies and after the one story got leaked, she just shut all her fans out. She started making movies and, I feel, has gone “Hollywood.” Now people are starting to forget her, so it’s time to write a book. Well, Meyer, where were you after the Twilight franchise? People have been waiting for her to write something…but not this.
      I do feel bad that she’s mocked: I think people are jealous she got so famous for doing something that hadn’t been done before…she made vampires sexy and made teens love reading again.
      Btw, she went to my high school. She graduated before me, but it’s a cool factoid. Makes me feel kinda cool about my obscure Arizona high school.


      1. I can see switching up genres and age categories just because you like writing different types of things, but it’s definitely hard to tell what anyone’s motivation is. In some sense Meyer is lucky she’s so big name that she can put her name on an adult thriller and get it to sell. Less successful authors would probably be asked to use a pseudonym with the argument “You’re famous for writing a YA paranormal romance. No one is going to believe you can write adult thrillers, too.” (Though the assumption that someone can write one genre well and only one genre has always been weird to me.) I do get the sense Meyer doesn’t have plans to return to YA, though, for whatever reason, and I do think fans can feel betrayed by that. I don’t necessarily think authors “owe” their fans much of anything, but I do think it’s really appropriate and worthwhile to show gratitude to the people who made you successful. I have some troubled feelings about authors who seem abrasive to or completely uninterested in their fans.

        That’s awesome! I think my high school has some people who made it into pro sports (not like Michael Jordan level famous, though), and that’s about it.

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      2. I’m honestly going to be sad seeing a Meyer book and it not be a fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal book. But I’ve been waiting since The Host. The book ended on a cliffhanger, and I just wish she would write the sequel for some resolution. On Goodreads it appears that she planned on making it a series…maybe it wasn’t successful enough? Or maybe she just stopped liking what she was writing about.
        It just makes me sad is all. 😦


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