Currently Reading for Review…

Guess what I’m finally reading for review!!!

I’m actually posting my own pic of the book because I’ve waited so very long…

That’s right! It’s time to finally end this series! I’ve had this checked out for awhile…but I go in order of due dates, and this one was due yesterday, and I’m not giving it back until it’s read!

I’m so excited!!! I’ve been dying to see what happens next…

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Currently Reading for Review…

  1. We reviewed this for my Hype or Like Friday group a few months back. I was a terrible host and didn’t read the book after seeing all the negative reviews. I’m still debating whether to read it or not after seeing another rant last week. I hope you like it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a good review.

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    1. I’m totally hoping I love it. I’ve waited forever! I’m so going to just read it ASAP, because I hate having an item due back at the library. Usually they’ll let me renew it as many times as I want as long as there are no holds. But I checked and there is a hold for it. So I want to get it back so the next person can read it, because when the book is this new, other libraries won’t fill the hold. I’ve been waiting on the sequel to The Sin Eater’s Daughter (The Sleeping Prince), and I have a hold on it…but my library hasn’t received it yet and no library will fill the request for the first 3 months. Sigh.

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      1. I haven’t gotten a book from my local library in ages but I’m the same, I hate having items I know I need to return soon! Oh it’s always that way for new books isn’t it, everyone wants to read them and there’s always a long wait because there’s only one copy in circulation! It’s worth it though when you finally get your hands on a book you’ve been waiting for.
        I haven’t read The Sleeping Prince yet, it’s on my to-read list so one day I’ll get around to it but until then I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get it soon from the library! 😀

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