My Uncle’s New Book!!

My uncle has just released his first book! He was in the military and has been working on this for quite some time. I hope he gets lots of reviews, and I’m going to encourage him to go on Goodreads for RaRs.

Late at night, a maniacal killer bent on revenge sneaks quietly into one of several aging Quonset Huts on a forgotten military base. Carrying a heavy flight bag over his shoulder, he gingerly drops the lifeless body of a cadet onto the empty bunk; signaling the beginning of five weeks of torment and gut-wrenching horror for the four hundred cadets assembled for a summer encampment. Brutal attempts to silence the cadets of Honors Squadron are met with defiance and cunning nightly reconnaissance missions by a crew of cadets attempting to find the lair of the murderer of their friend. 

The forgotten military base on the shores of Cape Cod has welcomed the cadets into a world of incessant military hazing, competitive physical training and unending torment by Drill Instructors responsible for begetting boys into men. The number one ranked cadet in camp becomes the constant target for the brutes never ending attacks. Lethal garrote wires, aging military ordinance exploding suspiciously, rampaging cars attacking unsuspecting cadets, and rigged buildings hiding horrific secrets becomes a battle-ground on a military base lost to time. 

Thanks for allowing some shameless promotion!! I hope his book is successful.

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