The Cover Look-A-Like Post…

So in an earlier post I advertised a book sale, and I noticed a book that shares a cover with a more popular book out there. I was going to post the other book cover in the comments, but I don’t know how.

So I’m going to share them right here:

This is the book in question…


This is the more “popular” book out there:

Does anyone think this is funny? I’ve seen this before, and I think I’m going to start sharing them when I see them. I think it’s fun to see them next to each other.

I own Mindspeak, so it is probably why I recognized it right away. Haven’t read it yet, but have been planning to. I think it was offered by Amazon as a book I would like.

What do you think? Have you ever seen two books with the same cover stock images? Does it make for a case of deja vu?

If I can find more, I’m going to start posting them and call my post “Book Doubles” or “Book Twins.” If you see any, send them my way!! 

4 thoughts on “The Cover Look-A-Like Post…

  1. I’m not familiar with either book but that’s so weird. I own a book that has the same cover as another popular book. I think the problem is cover designers get their stock photos from places like Shutterstock so other people can buy and use them.

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    1. Which book is it that you own? I seriously want to do like a regular thing! I remember another one that’s a vampire book called Turned by Morgan Rice, and someone else used the same cover as she did for their free vampire book. I love it because it’s like the book is “exposed” or something. You know what I mean?

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