Get a New Challenge Badge On NetGalley!!

2016 NetGalley Challenge

This is from NetGalley:

We’re giving all NetGalley members a chance to earn the official NetGalley Challenge badge. Share it to show that you’re committed to helping books succeed, and to permanently keep the badge submit a new review or share an existing review during the Challenge. Learn more.

Cool, huh?

So go get and share your NetGalley badge, and then you’ll get to keep it when it’s done!

6 thoughts on “Get a New Challenge Badge On NetGalley!!

    1. I think so…I’m not sure if I have to do a NEW review or just share an old one, so to be safe I shared one on Facebook. I’m also going to review a new one before the deadline of August 12th, because then I’ll for sure get to keep it. It shows up on the home page, but I want it for good.
      I purposely stay above 80%. I can’t handle it being any lower with my Declined amount. They can see how many people have declined you, which isn’t really fair because I requested a ton when I first signed up and got a lot of denials. Now, I try to only ask when I have 2 or less books (except I was auto-approved for two companies who sent me books…so now I have 4, and I’m at 83%, so I have to finish one before I can request any more books…argh!)
      I want to one day be reputable enough to get approved by the big publishers and get mailed galley copies, you know? So I’m trying to do it all right. It’s hard because some books look so good, and then you get declined and you feel like you suck. Well, I feel like I suck. Lol.
      So, there’s the long answer to your question! Sorry about the verbal barrage!

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      1. Your long reply is very informative. I had no idea. I thought only me can see my own declined requests. You get to keep the badge if you send a feedback on NetGalley of a book you read. I don’t think they will know you share the info on here or Facebook. I looked under earned badges and it’s there because I submitted a feedback. Since you mentioned that, I should read my approved books before request anymore.

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      2. Yeah, the only reason I know that is because when I was getting all these declines, I wanted to see what I could do to fix it. There’s a page that shows what the publishers see, as an example: it shows them everything! I was appalled; they can see your percentage of approved to denies, your amount of total denies, and your amount of total approves. I have like, 20 denies and 12 approves. Pending show up, too. I want to get my approves up so it doesn’t look like most ppl deny me. I am glad I could help!! Thanks for letting me know I need to add a feedback: I better get on one of my books and finish it!

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      3. No, not normally. But Digiwriting sent me two titles they think I’ll like, so I’m going to give them a shot. What the hell, right? I could always DNF in a worst-case scenario. They can’t expect us to love them all!

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