Kiss of Deception by Mary Pearson – On Sale!!

The Kiss of Deception is on sale today for $2.99!!

This is how I buy my books: I wait for sales like these. 

Yes, I’ve read it…but it’s nice to own and look at that beautiful cover every day!!

So go to Amazon and buy a copy…or Kobo or iBooks or wherever you buy your Ebooks! It’s a limited time sale, so take advantage. I have.

14 thoughts on “Kiss of Deception by Mary Pearson – On Sale!!

    1. And that’s why I’m going to share more deals of popular books when I find them! I own almost the whole Lunar Chronicles series from book sales! (I just need Cress to go on sale) I bought Zeroes for $1.99.
      These Broken Stars (I think that’s the name): I got it for free as a deal. Firstlife and the entire Pawn saga from Harlequin rewards points just from signing up! I’ll have to post more because it makes me happy when people can afford a book, even if it’s just an ebook. They’re nice to own. πŸ˜€

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      1. All Ebooks!! That’s all I can bring into the house without getting yelled at! Lol. I have my library books in my car so my mom won’t freak…as it is, all my books are in a cabinet and no one can see them. ☹️

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      2. She approves of the blog, which is nice, but she says real books “take up too much room.” I have only books I’ve bought used at garage sales, so most aren’t in the best shape. But one day…when I have my own place…it’s going to be wall to wall bookshelves!
        Looking at my ebooks on my shelves makes me get a bit of satisfaction, like having a tiny library that’s not tangible. But I get to enjoy the covers on the ones that are beautiful. I love that about Amazon’s Kindle App, or Kobo’s app: the books can be displayed as covers only and they look so vibrant.
        But I am going to sign up for Owlcrate no matter how she feels. I think that would be cool, getting a nice hardcover book every month.

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      3. I saw one guy had shelf on the wall of the garage and stacked all of his books there. But I would rather have the shelf on the wall of my bedroom. Build it on the wall takes less space than having a bookshelf. You can consider building this wall shelf 😊 iPhone iBook display by covers too, like kindle app.

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  1. Oh, I definitely want one on the wall of my bedroom. I love the ones that are bookshelves and open up with doors behind them. I see them on Pinterest all the time. I just can’t wait until I have my own space to decorate as I please. My trunk in my Honda Element is like a portable book shelf because there are so many in there and they are all organized.
    I also love how I see shelves on Tumblr: books are all color-coordinated and look so awesome, and all the books are practically in mint condition.

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