Book Triples???

Ok…had to share. Someone added this book on Gooreads to their TBR list, and a did a double take. Or, I guess I should say a triple take!

Here’s the new book:

Ummm…anyone recogzine this from an earlier post of mine?

I’ll refresh your memory…

Apparently, tins model gets around!

I never thought I’d see a book triple!! 😶😶😶 <— That’s me: I’m speechless.

What do YOU think? Did you do a triple take, too? Remember the two others from a Cover Look-A-Like Post?

6 thoughts on “Book Triples???

  1. Maybe you should have a look around and see just how many covers this model has been featured on? Do you reckon it’s more than three?
    Although seeing this I wonder if there are other books out there with more than one or two other books with similar covers. I wonder what the most is? Three seems a lot but there could be books with four or five even! 😀

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    1. That’s what I wonder. I wish there was a way to find them. I just stumble across them, and I’m sure I’ve missed some. There’s one or two I noticed before I was blogging, and I don’t remember what they were,
      It would be cool to see how many is the most! That would be soo awesome! I like these posts: it’s like a scavenger hunt!!

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      1. You do seem to have stumbled across more than I do. I’ve only seen one before you made your posts but I’m sure there’s more out there!
        Ohh yes, a scavenger hunt to find the most books with similar models. As a bookworm that is definitely one I can get behind! 😀

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