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I believe I’ve mentioned that I was given two books on NetGalley without requesting them, from one of my auto-approved publishers. The first one, Rise of the Chosen, I just reviewed for y’all. This is the other one…Immortal Writers.

Here’s the blurb:

Young up-and-coming author Liz McKinnen has no idea that her life is about to change forever when she comes home from her first book tour. When she’s kidnapped and told by her captors that she has to kill her fantasy book’s antagonist, she thinks that she’s fallen into the hands of crazy, dangerous fans… until her antagonist sends a real, fire-breathing dragon after her. 

Liz is quickly initiated into the Immortal Writers, a group of authors from throughout time whose words have given them eternal life, and whose prose is so powerful that it’s brought stories over from the Imagination Field into the Reality Field. As Liz meets authors such as William Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen, she has to learn how to control magic, fight dragons, and face her own troubled past before her power-hungry villain takes over the world. 

Will she survive the ultimate battle against the dragon lord whom she created?

And here’s the cover:

This is literally the only image online I could find…but it’s probably because it hasn’t been released yet!

So I’m digging it so far. I was overwhelmed when they sent me both galleys, but I’ve been pretty into both. They knew me well, apparently. They sent them knowing these were books I’d probably like. So I’m thankful. And glad that there were only two.

So I’m on it. I’ll let you guys know what I think! I hope it’s good…I really hate reading something I personally didn’t pick out for fear of it sucking and me wasting my time. At least if it was MY pick, I could only blame myself. Lol.

Thanks to Blue Moon publishing for both galleys!!

14 thoughts on “Currently Reading for Review…

      1. When you are auto-approved, do you have to read and review all available titles? I had 1 auto-approved once and I was not into those titles so I didn’t review them and then they removed me. Congrats on S&S. They usually have good books!

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      2. I guess you could choose not to request the book you were auto-approved for, but if it’s a big publisher like S&S, I’d jump at the chance, like I did, so I could stay on their list. I was afraid if I turned it down that I wouldn’t get another one. The book is really good and from a well-known author, so I’m really happy that I decided to read it. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s YA. I rarely read adult because I feel the science fiction is too heavy.
      But it’s funny you asked, because when I read the description I could’ve sworn it sounded like an adult book to me. But it’s listed under YA on NetGalley and Goodreads…so I guess it’s supposed to be.

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  1. I hope it’s good…there are some things so far that make me think it’s going to be a little too adult for a YA label…but the book hasn’t run its course yet, so it’s too soon to tell. Got my fingers crossed! Lol!


  2. No, you don’t have to. But those two were actually already given to me on my shelf! I had been auto-approved by them for awhile, but they didn’t have anything in YA.
    It’s probably my fault because in the comments for the only book I read of theirs, I offered to review books for them. Then they auto-approved me. This was when I first started Netgalley. So it was awhile ago. They don’t have many titles in my genre, so when these became available, they probably remembered my offer and just sent them to me.
    Don’t ever feel obligated to read books from a certain publisher. I just happened to be drawn to books from a different publisher, and after awhile they auto-approved me. So it just depends. Maybe the publisher thought you wouldn’t read their books enough. I figured once you were auto-approved, it was for good. It’s lame they took it away from you!


  3. Wow it’s great you’ve been auto-approved by two publishers already, do you request a lot of books from NetGalley then?
    Also I really love the concept of this book as well, it certainly sounds interesting so I can’t wait to read your review to see what you thought of it! πŸ˜€

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    1. No, just a couple at a time. I don’t want to get too many and have my score go down or get too many declines. Because they can see the declines. I rarely do any Read Nows.
      I try to make it manageable because of all the library books and RaRs I have committed to.

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      1. It’s good you’re managing to manage the ARCs you request, and I actually didn’t realise they could see declines as well! I thought they just say your feedback rating!
        That sounds like a good plan, I have a load of other books to read as well, I think unless and ARC really interests me and sounds like something I’ll enjoy I won’t request it.

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