Currently Reading for Review…

You all saw this book on my library post: now that I’ve caught up on my ARCs, I go back to the library pile. It’s a delicate dance…always trying to stay ahead of the due date.

I’m currently reading Surfacing by Mark Magro: the book is so pristine that I don’t think anyone has read it at my library before!

Here’s the blurb:

After a nuclear war has ravaged the planet, children of the few survivors are sent to renowned scientist Dr. Parkman and his subterranean Parkman Institute of Science and Solutions, to learn, create, and test the latest technologies until they turn 18 and are sent back to the surface to help rebuild society. Balt and Zoe, sixteen-year-old students, have begun to realize something is amiss when Zoe is given a glimpse of an entirely different reality during a freak accident, one completely foreign to what Parkman has always described to his students.

With the help of Balt and his midterm robotics project, the talkative head of an A.I. called Smith, the three devise a plan to escape the institute and travel through the ruins of the old labs to get to the surface. As they draw closer to their destination, they begin to see that their biggest threat might be each other.

The old lab is full of secrets, and some answers are perhaps better left buried. 

This book has 9 reviews on Amazon, and almost all are five stars! And the blurb got my attention when I was at the library. I picked it up out of curiosity…and I’m liking it so far. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a good dystopian novel.

We’ll see if Magro wrote a good one! I hope so…and it’s kinda cool reading a paperback that’s brand new. It’s like I bought it myself. But I’m trying to be extra gentle with it, because I want others to find it in good condition, too. (Though it’s probably good that it will finally look read, and not untouched, as that can be a bad sign for a book from the library, you know?)

Hope you all are enjoying your reads! I have to work, but have a good Saturday!!

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