3 Days, 3 Quotes

It is Day 2, and I stumbled on this one without even looking, which is a sign of a good quote!

I know who Oscar Wilde is, unlike the author of my first quote. This one is brilliant. I just love it.

I’ve already tagged people for this one…you know who you are. ::points finger::

Love ya! Gotta go get a recall repaired on my car and go to GVSU to give financial aid what they need so it comes through!

12 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes

    1. I’ll have to pick a real good one to go out on…it’s the last day, after all.
      It’s gonna take some deep digging to find the right one.
      I’ve never seen this quote before either.
      Are you going to do the tag? I believe I tagged you…if not, you’re getting tagged tomorrow!
      You’re it!

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      1. I’m sure you’ve got loads of potential ones you can pick, there are plenty of amazing quotes out there. Yep you tagged me yesterday so I will be doing this one because it is one of my favourite tags! Honestly I’m thinking of doing something other than book quotes for mine this time around. Gotta do some digging myself now too!

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    2. Well, I can’t wait to see it!
      I’m sure whatever quotes you do, they’ll be awesome. For some reason, mine always come back to writing. It wasn’t intentional. I realized later I should’ve done book quotes because it is a book blog, but books are written, so it works? Right?
      Well, I rationalized that it does lol! 😜

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      1. You can pick whatever quotes you want. The last time I did this challenge, and all the other times actually, I’ve used book quotes so I’m thinking of doing something different this time around.
        Besides it’s your blog, post what you like, I’ve posted a variety of things that haven’t been about books! πŸ™‚

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