(Book)Clubbing for Kids – Tips on Life and Love

Reading groups and book clubs have always intrigued me. While I understand the pull of talking about books with other people (after all, I do it all day) reading to me has always been a more solitary pursuit. Maybe it’s a job hazard: After talking endlessly about a manuscript, art, the cover, the price and hearing opinions from everyone from design, sales, marketing, and publicity on everything I just want to sit down and read a good story and not care what anyone else thinks about it. What does intrigue me, though, are book clubs for kids, because adding a social component to reading can inspire a lot of kids who may not otherwise want to plunk themselves down on the sofa and read by themselves. (Check out the link! There’s more!)

Source: (Book)Clubbing for Kids – Tips on Life and Love


9 thoughts on “(Book)Clubbing for Kids – Tips on Life and Love

  1. Megan @ bookslayerReads

    This is something I’d like to get Hunter (my son) into. He just might enjoy it. He loves checking out books and “storytime” at the library, so I think I could get him interested in a kids book club. Thanks for the post!

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      1. Megan @ bookslayerReads

        Yeah, I was a big reader as a kid too… But now most kids just play video games all the time. (Hunter plays his games too, don’t get me wrong.) But at least he’s interested in reading. Which I’m very happy about. I just want him to be MORE interested lol.

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    1. Yeah, when I was a kid, there weren’t book clubs, but at school I participated in something called “Battle of the Books.” Someone asked trivia about different books, and whatever group got the most right won an award! It was fun. ☺️

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  2. I was part of a book club in school, it was honestly quite interesting and it opened up our mind to read new books which we never would have otherwise (e.g, I would have never read The Help without it), but yes at the end of the day reading is something which should be practiced in complete seclusion. I loved this post, in it’s originally and insightfulness 🙂 !


    1. Well, I’m glad I posted it! In came in an email and I had to share! Because I want to be a teacher, I always hope to get more kids reading. But yes, reading is an isolated activity, and that can be the best part about it…the escape from all the problems of the world! 😉

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      1. Thanks for the reply and best wishes to becoming a teacher, with the time and dedication you take passionately talking about books I’m certain you’ll get many students fired up about reading. It’s very admirable!

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