Free Ebook For Review…

So I got an email from the author of Just Juliet, asking if I would like to review her book. As I’m not a fan of contemporary literature, I politely declined but suggested I would ask others on my blog if they would be interested in reading it. She didn’t seem to get the “declined” portion, and she sent me her book anyway. She sent me three versions: .mobi, .epub, and .pdf. Would any of you be interested in reading this book? It’s just not my genre. Here’s the blurb:

Ever wondered what lesbian love between two teenage girls feel like? Read the story of Lena and Juliet.

Lena Newman is 17 years old and pretty satisfied with her life. Until her world is turned upside down. Juliet James is the new girl at school and very quickly manages to send Lena’s heart wild. Juliet introduced Lena to a part of herself she didn’t know was there, taking her on an emotional journey where loyalty, friendships and family relationships are tested. Juliet represents the road less traveled. Will Lena take it?

 And here is the cover:

As I have plenty to read, but want this book to get out to others who would want to read it, just comment and let me know. I can give you my email address through Twitter messenger so it’s not up for all to see, and I’ll email you the book.

I just am not a contemporary reader. At all. But it’s diverse and has won awards through the site it’s published on. I hope you enjoy it! (No due date…book comes out 9/12/16)

Happy reading!!

P.S. Almost done with ACOTAR…so review to come!


25 thoughts on “Free Ebook For Review…

  1. Hm, it sounds like it could be really good – or not so good. And I’ve got a whole list of “needs to be finished this month”… But what the heck, I’d like to try it out. Would you email it to me pwetty please? πŸ™‚

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    1. Wow, look at you, Mrs. Pretty girl!
      You look so different from your Goodreads pic. I love it.
      I’m going to post a pic of me here so my peeps over here can see who I am. I’ve just been forgetting.
      Hope you like the book. Thanks for volunteering to read it: I hate to waste a free book! No deadline!

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    1. I’m excited I’m almost done! I would’ve read the rest today, but I’ve been checking mail from the blog since 6 hours ago! Lol! Takes a long time to answer everybody and read their posts!
      I’ll be posting it the minute I finish it! 90% done!

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  2. Lol@ her sending it anyways. Writers don’t always seem like the best kind of readers. I had a long convo with an author last year, telling her NOT to send me 2 physical copies of her book. DO NOT. —> “It’s on its way to you”…πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜‘. Regarding this one: I’m not a fan of contemporary YA either πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, I reread my email to make sure I made it clear, and she was like, “thank you for your interest amd I look forward to your review,” amd I’m thinking, “You’ll be looking forward for a long time, because I told you I have no interest in contemporary lit!” That’s why I offered it up: I must not have been firm enough in my “no,” or she wouldn’t have sent it…or it’s because I responded to her email!

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