A Court of Thorns And Roses – Sarah J. Maas (Review)

Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2015
Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Fairy Tale Retellings

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My Review:

I finally did it, guys! I finishes ACOTAR last night after checking it out multiple times from the library AND Overdrive. It was time to read it. And read it I did.

First of all, #coverlove, am I right? Amazing cover, as I am not a fan of her Throne of Glass covers…I think they look like video game characters. I would much rather have a real person or something else than an animated person. I think that chick looks creepy. But I digress. This is about ACOTAR, so I will continue:

Feyre (pronounced Fey-rah; there’s a handy pronunciation guide in the back of the book, though I guessed it right) lives with her father and two sisters in a hovel in the woods. She is the hunter, the provider for the whole family. After her mother died and the father lost a fortune on a get rich quick scheme to send boats through a dangerous passage (yeah, rhe boat didn’t come back…thanks dad), they live in abject squalor. Feyre fantasizes about a day when her sisters are married off (they do nothing to help) and she and her father live in peace. One day, while starving, Feyre approaches a doe in the woods, but a large wolf is stalking it, too. The wolf appears to resemble a faerie, a race of people walled off from humans and thought to eat them. If she doesn’t kill the wolf, the deer will be taken from her, but if she does, she risks killing an immortal being. The hatred is thick from humans…faeries killed humans by the thousands during the War, and a treaty was signed to end the bloodshed. But all Feyre cares about is a meal…so she kills the wolf. After it kills the deer. One meal plus a nice pelt. What could go wrong?

When Feyre comes home from the market, a giant beast comes for vengeance. The wolf WAS a faerie, and the Treaty dictates a life for a life. However, the creature strikes a bargain: come to Prythian, the land of the faeries, or be killed now in her home. Feyre worries about her family: on her mother’s deathbed, she swore an oath to protect them, and she can’t do that if she’s dead or across the wall. But her father begs her to go, so she does, but she contemplates plans of escape whenever she can. 

When she gets to Prythian, she realizes she is in the Spring Court (there are seven courts of all…it gets really complicated but the book has a handy map!), and she is to live in a mansion. Tamlin, the beast that took her, turns into a man, and he tells Feyre she can live anywhere in Prythian, but advises her not to try to escape, as the other faeries aren’t like him and will kill her…and then there’s the treaty’s stipulation that she must stay. She is welcomed into his home, and Feyre is skeptical because she knows only bad things about faeries.

After some time, it turns out faeries aren’t that bad: there are some that are extremely dangerous, though, and the frequency with which the “bad ones” appear seems to increase every day, it’s as if they are being sent deliberately to the Spring Court…but why? As Feyre gets to know Tamlin, she sees through all the lies she’s been told…but can a human and a High Fae (a faerie of the highest standing) really fall in love? And can Feyre help save the magic that is slowly disappearing, but has also become a threat to the humans on the other side of the Wall? She’s only a huntress…and a human.

I loved this. Every single word, every single sentence, every single paragraph. SJM did Beauty and the Beast justice: she didn’t just regurgitate the story like many do, but instead weaves a whole new one. It reminds me of what Meyer accomplished with The Lunar Chronicles series. I was…blown away.

Is It Classroom-Appropriate? 

Oh, how I wish it was. Alas, no. There’s no swearing, but there’s some pretty steamy scenes. Pretty steamy.

I’m blushing just thinking about this scene. Pretty intense, and there’s no way around it. It’s a great example of a fairy tale retelling done right, but unless it’s for a Creative Writing course in college, I would steer clear of using this in the classroom. Very angry parents would want to know why you’re molesting their children with words.

Age Range:

So Lexile.com gives a range of 14-17 (that seems to be their “go-to” age for anything mature), and I won’t protest, though I would suggest 15 as the youngest. But then again, I am more cautious than the schools, or else Laurie Halse Anderson’s book Speak wouldn’t have been available to my 10 year old niece. (Seriously? A book about date rape, and you’re going to let a 10 year old read that??) They rate the book at 880L, which suggests an older reader anyway. So I’ll stick with 14-15: just so you know, most YA books rate between 550-700L, so 880L would be an advanced reader in general anyway,

End Result:

I’m hooked. One dose of SJM and I need more. I did get my hands on ACOMAF at the library, so I’ve got the next one to read, and I also took advantage of my own deal and bought Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. I hope I don’t go crazy at the end and start sending death threats to Sarah J. Maas because I don’t like the relationship in the book. Lol. (That’s insane that people do that, btw).

★★★★★. No question. Hands down.

Have you read ACOTAR? Did you love it like I did? 

* This book counts as my Vermillion City and Cinnabar Island badge on my #Readthemallthon. Though the event is over, I am continuing. As are several others. So this badge needs to be updated…::cough, cough:: Thank you, Aimal!!

After this, two more badges will be colored in. So this badge is pre-review.

61 thoughts on “A Court of Thorns And Roses – Sarah J. Maas (Review)

  1. I really enjoyed this book when i read it in like december 2015!! ive got ACOMAF on my shelf but im planning to reread this one before it to marathon them. I really glad you enjoyed it and i agree with the age range you put it at because of the steamy scenes

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    1. Thank you! I’m conservative when it comes to the intimate scenes…the minute I read the word “core,” I am like, nope!
      Yeah, I can’t wait to read the next one, but I have two books that wouldn’t renew, so I gotta get them read or I’ll owe the library a fortune! A whole dollar! 😂

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  2. Funnily enough I’m not a fan of the cover at all :/ I also didn’t know it was a retelling of Beauty & the Beast – which I love. (I’m really not up to date with the world of YA books 😦 ) Hmmm… I might actually give this a go after all. (Because… Beauty & the Beast! <3)

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  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOTH ACOTAR AND ACOMAF! Loved this review! SJM did mention this was a New Adult Fantasy even though the publishing house decided to just go with YA Fantasy. Not sure why they would do this, especially with ACOMAF!! Wait till you read that one, because phew, I wouldn’t even let a 15 year old around that book. Maybe 16 and up? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on that book. Just like you, I also thought the Beauty and The Beast retelling was done amazing. Did you know that ACOMAF is inspired by Hades and Persophone? I hope you like Throne of Glass. Congrats on your badges!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Wow. I never would have thought of the Hades myth!
      If people won’t band together and make NA a real category, and they keep falling back on the “tried and true” YA genre, then they are going to really misrepresent the genre as a whole. It’s frustrating,
      Just make NA a real genre, people! Grrr. 😡

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      1. I completely agree! I think New Adult really needs it’s own section already in a bookstore. Gosh I would be there so much lol. New Adult is already a huge big thing in the book community, why not make it official already? ugh!

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    2. Yeah. It really irks me. Like, we should sign a petition and circulate it!
      🎤Bring us NA now! Bring us NA now!🎤 (Chant with me!)
      🎤Bring us NA now. Bring. Us. NA now!🎤
      I like our mini-movement already. 😂

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    1. Thank you! ☺️
      I was one of the last people on the planet to read it, too, so don’t worry: I started reading again just last year so I’m catching up on other books that people have reviewed thousands of times. So don’t worry about being late to the party: I always am! 😉

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    1. I was on the anti-SJM bandwagon…I didn’t like the “high fantasy” possibility of the book. But I liked it, and it was well done. It was different. Good writing. I think you might like it…it took me no time at all to get into it.
      But if your instincts tell you to stay away then I would go with your gut! 👍

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      1. Cool, I think i saw and read too many throne of Glass ( or whatever that’s called) reviews and I felt like it was being shoved down my throat, much like HP. 😁 But I’m nothing if not fair so I need to give this book a good before judging 😀

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    1. Isn’t it a sequel? I didn’t know sequels were ever better than the first book! Well, I have to read it and find out!
      I am going to check out TOG. It’s time. I fought it and fought it…and then it went on sale for $2.99. So I’ll read it.
      I’m eager for the next book in this series, though, and I have it to read.,,but it’s got time vs other books that are due back sooner.

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    2. An 8 book series? That might kill me. I’m not a fan of a long series. A trilogy or quartet is the most I can handle. Eight just seems like A LOT and if she’s conceived that many books, she should release them more often like twice a year. I’ll end up forgetting all about it! Lol!

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  4. I am so so glad you loved this book! ACOTAR is one of my favourite series, I actually love it even more than the Throne of Glass books (though that could be because of my love of fairytale retellings). I thought the second book was even better than the first one so I can’t wait for you to pick up A Court of Mist and Fury. I think you’ll agree that it’s even more amazing than ACOTAR!
    Also yeah I would not recommend this for any young teens, there is a lot of sex and swearing in this book but it’s an amazing example of fairytale retellings done right like you said.
    Great review! 😀

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    1. Thank you! Love your enthusiasm. 😄
      With what everyone is saying, I have to read ACOMAF. I just hate that I’ll have to wait for another installment, you know?
      I ❤️ Fairy tale retellings, too! My absolute favorite! No doubt. 😉

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      1. Well I do love it when people really enjoy the books I love, and this is one of my favourites! 😀
        Yes you definitely definitely have to read it as soon as you can. I enjoyed the second book so much more than the first I can’t even begin to tell you! 🙂
        Fairytale retellings are my favourites as well, and this series is one of the best of the best.

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    1. Wow, I have it checked out but I have to wait. I gotta read Days of Blood & Starlight bc the library can’t renew it (it’s from a library that’s in our network, but doesn’t allow more than one renewal. And this book is massive. Then I have to read the other one!) I have some ARCs that are coming due, too. But I’ve got it and I won’t return it until it’s read!

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    1. Thank you!
      I can’t read TOG! I have it but I have other books waiting…too few hours in the day!
      And I can’t resist a book that costs less than $3…but I’ll go $4.99 if it’s a really good price from the original price.

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    1. Just FYI, you were in my spam folder, I got you out though, lol.
      I am so far a Tamlin fan: Tamlin has been there for her. But that’s how I felt about Adam in Shatter Me, and after reading Destroy Me, I was a Warner fan, so I might switch. We’ll have to see…dun dun DUN!!! ::tense music::

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      1. Yes, unfortunately, my comments are marked as spam on some blogs (but not others), and I talked to Akismet about this and they claimed that there’s no problem… I just hope enough people mark me as not spam in order for this to be fixed! I’ll mention it in my next post for sure, thanks for letting me know!
        I have a feeling your mind might change after ACOMAF; you’ll have to let me know if it does! I’ve been a Rhysand fan from the start 🙂

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    2. Wow. I can’t even wait to read the next book. It will just drive me insane that there’s a wait for the next book. Can’t authors just publish them all at once and let us read them now? Lol.
      Rhysand seems like he cares…but for right now, the “hero” I suppose is supposed to be Tamlin. Maybe that changes. All I know is that her love for him changed her life. It would upset me if he took that for granted.

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    1. Thank you! I just really enjoy the fun of completing something. I’m not great on time constraints unless it’s like life or death…well, maybe not that extreme…more like a grade depends on it. Or the library will charge me. Then that kicks my ass into gear.
      I am very confused by the points thing…can I just assume that if I finish all the badges then he evolves? I don’t remember how many pages, how many shares, etc, etc. I am horrible with Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest. There’s too much social media and I can’t keep track of it all! 😂


  5. This was my first SJM too! I didn’t love it quite SO much, but I was very intrigued and immediately read A Court of Mist and Fury aaaaaand…I was so undone. New favorite author. New favorite series, New broken heart. I’m such an ACOTAR fangirl now. Haha! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  6. Queen Mery

    I loved this book and your review was so representative of the book!!! ❤ ❤
    Also, I agree with you that it is not for very young readers. I really enjoyed the book even though I was hesitant to read it at first because I was expecting something more close to the original fairytale and I didn’t like the thought. But I was pleasantly surprised when I read it and there was a very faint connection, I loved it!!!❤❤

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  7. I have to come back to read your review again as to why you love this book. I particularly don’t. I am between 3.5 stars to 4 stars. Isn’t it great to read the part where she was smart and figure out a trap for the worm and then not so great when help comes to clean the floor for her instead of some clever way to clean it herself? But I am the same like you, I checked this book out of Overdrive 3 times and finally able to read it. Lucky that your library have book 2. Mine doesn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that sucks! I’ll have to send you book mail! You’re in the states so it shouldn’t be that expensive. I haven’t read book two either yet…I smell another buddy read, lol!
      Yeah, the worm thing was really strange. I was confused about the agreement with Rhysand…I would think if you’re near death, you would prob jump at the chance to live…but I would never agree to one week a month for the rest of your life! I know I would’ve gotten a better deal bc you know he wanted it and then that guy comes to heal her and the deal is made and too late. Lol.
      But you know I’m a major book pushover. I love everything! I am not really picky, and a book has to be REALLY bad for me to knock it down some stars…I think three stars has been my lowest rating ever…I expect that will change eventually. I think most of it is still so new to me that I haven’t been too picky: I was a big dystopian fan first, and fantasy books are much newer reads for me.

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      1. When my library has it. I’ll let you know to buddy read 😂 I think making the bargain is okay but getting her drunk night after night doesn’t make sense and doesn’t help to make Tamlin jealous because one night already makes him mad. Many nights after is just useless excess.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. True. It does seem like he’s doing it more to hurt her because she can’t remember.
      If your library doesn’t get a copy and you want to read it, you can always get it on the internet if you google “read ACOMAF online free” … it’s what I used to do when I couldn’t bring books to work! Lol!

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