30 thoughts on “Today Only – Eleanor & Park @ $2.99

  1. I’ll have to see if the UK copy is cheaper as well! I haven’t actually had this book on my to-read list for ages but ever since I finished Fangirl and Carry On I’ve been meaning to get around to more of Rainbow Rowell’s books, and yeah I’ve heard great things about Eleanor and Park! πŸ˜€

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    1. But still! It’s stupid! Don’t you want EVERYONE reading your book? If it’s successful in other countries, then that could lead to more merchandising, more movies, more everything!
      It’s just bunk. You guys read the same books we do…you should get the same deals. 😑

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      1. God knows. I guess if one publishing house decides to have a deal on it it doesn’t mean the other publishing house in another country will as well. It always sucks when I see books available or cheaper in the US and I can’t buy them because they wouldn’t be compatible with my UK Kindle! :/

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    2. Ooh, I never thought of that: a UK Kindle! Sometimes I wonder why they don’t just make everything globally compatible when it comes to tech? I mean, it’s all tech! Why Region 1 and 2 for DVDs? Why different video games for different consoles in Japan?
      Why isn’t everything just COMPATIBLE??

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    3. Are you sure? Because I bought the AUS copy of Corruption with the AUS default setting, and then I went back and switched it to US…and it works on mine. I think if it’s a .mobi file, it should be ok. You might want to try it on a free book? Like, do it and then “buy” one of the books that are $0.00? Then you might be able to test the theory? (Actually I should have done that before just buying it, but the websites I Googled said it worked, so I figured wth…
      But it’s all up to how comfortable you feel about it…

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      1. Not really, I was just going by what the Amazon website said but I’ve never actually tried it for myself. I’ll give it a try. You never know if it works I could end up getting some cheaper books from the US Amazon rather than waiting for them to lower the price slightly in the UK! πŸ˜€

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