Book Sale!!

Came across these two as I was checking the monthly deals…

I’ve been DYING to read this! I’m so excited it went on sale!

A Thousand Pieces of You – $1.99

I bought this right away, no thinking necessary!

And then…

I already own this one…but I am always thinking of my book buddies!

These Broken Stars – $2.99

And then there’s…

I also already bought this one, but thinking of you guys!

Alienated – $2.99

What else did I find?? Oh, yes…


Since you guys speak so highly of this one, I nabbed it (I REALLY need to start using my gift cards! Lol!)

Illuminae – $1.99

Any more? Aww, just one more to mention…

Yeah. I’m intrigued by this one…I don’t know anything about the reviews, but that cover!

Grave Mercy – $.99

That’s all! (Lol) I hope some of you benefit from at least one of these deals!

Happy Reading!

86 thoughts on “Book Sale!!

    1. Thanks! I stumbled on Gray’s and LaFevers’s books first, and then found the rest by association.
      I just want to help people save money because I know what it’s like to want to own a book instead of having to worry about returning it all the time!! 😉

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    1. Yay! You’re welcome! I bought A Thousand Pieces of you (been dying to read that), Grave Mercy, and Illuminae. I had a couple others already, but they were back on sale.
      I am SO GLAD you benefitted, darling! I think of you when I post these bc you and I are in the same boat…we need cheap books! Lol!!

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    2. When I find one, I scroll through others that are recommended to me…it takes some digging. Also, sometimes you’ll see a book that says price reduced by publisher: a lot of times that means other books by the same publisher are on sale. I also get emails from a couple other book sites…and I check Kobo and other book selling sites.
      I should’ve kept it secret, lol…but it does take a lot of work and looking. But I get a feeling most of the time: I’ll see one in particular and just know several others are on sale at the same time. Unadvertised sale for some reason.
      And I’m cheap. So I’ll check books on my wish list to see if the price went down, and it will tell me.
      Don’t worry if you can’t find them: I promise to always let you know!
      Speaking of which, A Fierce & Subtle Poison is $1.99 today…what do you think? Give it a go or ignore?

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      1. Omg! Seriously??
        Well, thank you for the heads up! And I’ve been doing this for free all along! Silly me! Lol! 😉
        Thanks! I’m going to check it out!! Yay! I could totally use the money right now!

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    1. That’s what is great about buying it…I rarely get around to reading my purchased books, but at least then I know I don’t have a time limit like at the library, lol! Two books overdue are adding up quickly! I’m trying to hurry through The Rose & The Dagger to get it back!

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      1. Overdrive doesn’t allow renewed. Is yours work the same way? Also, no late fee because it automatically returns when expire. But at the library, you could return and then borrow again can’t you?

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    2. Yes, the ones I’m reading now are hardbacks from the library. I’ve renewed them twice so I can’t renew again. And I think there’s a hold on The Rose & The Dagger and Red Queen, so I kept them instead of returning them. I’ll get them read hopefully by the weekend. Only $.15/day but I feel guilty.
      I have a couple on Overdrive but they aren’t due yet. When those get close they are my first priority bc I’ll lose them. But they don’t take the book back right away: I’ve noticed you do get an extra day with books from them. So even if the checkout says expired on the day of, it will still open until the next day. That has saved my butt so many times, lol!

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    1. Awww, thank you!!
      No, I haven’t read it yet, but I bought it the last time it went on sale bc of the #coverlove I feel for it! Such a beautiful cover!
      I essentially bought or have already bought every one of those books listed! I wouldn’t share books with you guys that I wouldn’t want to read myself. 😊
      I’ve been eyeing Grave Mercy and A Thousand Pieces of You for awhile! So I’m glad they went on sale! All about the bargains.


      1. Megan @ bookslayerReads

        Heck yeah! I’ve been wanting to read that. Geez, I wanna read everything, so what am I talking about? Anywho, I think it sounds like an interesting read, plus I really like the cover of A Fierce and Subtle Poison. Hard to pass up for $1.99…

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      2. Megan @ bookslayerReads

        I just went to Amazon and bought A Fierce and Subtle Poison! I love when you tell me what’s on sale, because it’s really hard to pass it up. Especially when I know it’s a book I want to read and will read eventually!

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    1. I’m so glad that you enjoy the posts…it makes me happy to benefit you guys.
      People mentioned I should sign up as an Amazon affiliate, but the more I think about it, the more I don’t like the idea. I want you guys to get the deals BC they are books we love and are excited for, not because I make money from it.
      So for now, I’m Judy going to share the finds! And hopefully pass on some savings that I enjoyed as well!

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    1. Yeah, I’m always a little late to the party…
      One of my GR friends who is a HUGE reviewer trashed this book hard. So I took her advice and stayed away. It’s too bad because lately it seems she and I don’t have a lot of books in common, and what she hates, I tend to love.
      So I’m going to go with the consensus on this book, and the consensus is good. So watch out, Illuminae: you’re gettin’ read!!

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      1. I’ll be glad to hear what you think of it – I think the style has messed with some people because it’s a bit unusual. The found document style is one of my favourites, which made this a must read for me. I’m also totally stoked that it’s written by not one, but two amazing Aussie authors. 🇦🇺

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    1. Argh! I hate that. I’ll let you know via twitter the next time there’s a big sale, so you won’t be late.
      Btw, since you’re in another country: go to US address generator in a google search. Change your default address in Amazon to the US one, if only for a minute. When you do, it’s going to tell you you can buy books from You’ll get the sales we do. Then, when you change it back to your home address, it will go back to using your regular Amazon page. But you’ll (from then on) be able to toggle. That’s how I bought Corruption by Shirvington: a book available to Aussies but not me. I bought it, then changed my address back to my US one, and now I can buy literature from and!

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      1. That would be much appreciated! ❤ My regular Amazon account is actually with .com already because there wasn't an Amazon version over here when I got my Kindle at first. Seeing all the Dutch books pop up when we got an .nl one, I was like, yeah, no, thank you. I'm unable to buy from the UK, though, so this is a mighty tip for yummy deals! Thank you!

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    2. You’re crazy, I saw you in your book video post, and you looked 20 something! If you really are as old as you say, you must be sucking the souls from children…and you need to teach me how to do that.
      Either that or it’s a Dutch thing? And if that’s the case, make me Dutch! I want to stay young forever, too!

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