Moon Chosen – P.C. Cast (Review)

Title: Moon Chosen (Tales of a New World, #1)
Author: P.C. Cast
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin, 2016 (Oct 18)
Genre: YA Fantasy

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My Review:

First of all, I must recognize the beauty of this cover. Has to happen. Might as well be now:

Ok. Had to do that. It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

My opinion on this book is not going to be popular. I can already tell based on some of what you had to say when I mentioned I was reading it. But we will get there. And I’ll explain. Let’s get to the meat of the novel…

First thing you need to know: just like the byline says, these are “tales of a new world.” So there’s going to be confusion. There’s going to be alternating POVs. There are definitely going to be parts you don’t understand at first but make sense later as they all come together.

Let’s start with Mari:

Mari is a Moon Woman’s daughter. She lives in a burrow with her mother, Leda, the Moon Woman of her tribe of Earth Walkers. The Moon Woman is responsible for using the power of the moon to “Wash” the other members of the tribe. When it comes to women, it cures them of melancholia. When it comes to the men, it cures them of Night Fever (madness). These washings must take place every three days to keep the tribe mentally healthy. 

Mari has a secret that she must keep from the tribe with her mother’s help: she is only half Earth Walker. Her father was a Companion, a man whose tribe killed him for loving an Earth Walker. Mari, the product of their union, must hide her Companion features with clay and dye her wheat-colored hair dark. No one must know or they both will be banished from their tribe. Mari apprentice’s with her mother but fears the power of the moon as she is only half-Earth Walker. When she goes out in the sun, her skin lights up with patterns and she must always wear a cloak to disguise the markings.

Nik is a Companion: a member of the Tribe of the Trees. When a canine chooses one of the members of the tribe, the bond is holy and permanent. They connect with the dogs on a psychic level. They take Scratchers (what they call Earth Walkers) because they seem them as children that can’t care for themselves. Nik has no canine and is past the time of choosing. One day when a pup comes towards him, he gets excited, knowing this could be it. But the pup runs past and out into the night…and Nik tries to find him.

Dead Eye knows the statue of his God, The Reaper, is nothing but a statue. His God is dead. The Skin Stealers have sacrificed and dined on the flesh of their sacrifices, wearing their skins, but their people are still dying as their skin slowly peels off their body painfully. One day, Dead Eye has a revelation: he skins a deer but lets it live, and packs his wounds with the deer’s flesh (I know, his parts are extremely gross). When his skin touches that of the deer, it heals! He now knows that he is the tribe’s Champion, their new God. And he will lead them to victory, no matter what the cost…no matter who dies.

These three stories are eventually interwoven into a complex tale that will suck you in, make you feel, and introduce you to the sides of human nature that we love and hate. These are tales of Cast’s new world…and even after 600 pages, I wanted more.

Is It Classroom-Appropriate?

Ummm, yes and no. There are parts that are great, but there are some rape scenes that can be disturbing . I would say introducing it in junior year and up would work. The intricacies of the people’s lives are fascinating and could make a good anchor text if used with supplemental materials…are these people mutants of our old world, or are they products of their environment and just a step in evolution? Could this happen if we aren’t careful? It really made me think about the way these people connect to the Earth: each tribe (and there are more as we see near the end) has abilities and weaknesses, skills and misunderstandings. It’s a truly interesting tapestry of human development. 

Age Range:

So it’s too new to be on, so I would say 15 and up. The rape and sacrifice scenes can be disturbing. I wouldn’t want a young reader to have nightmares. Though the scenes are necessary, they aren’t pretty. And the book is long: it is a tome. Some people might get discouraged with the pacing and the length. I almost did but when I was about to get frustrated, the scene would switch to another POV, and I would learn more about thr other tribes. Definitely keep only for advanced readers with patience. I would be wary of giving this book to anyone with sensitivities to rape scenes or violence.

End Result:

So…I have to go with my heart on this one. I really liked Moon Chosen. It kept me engaged and reading…and I still am thinking about it. No insta-love, no chosen one trope (if anything, Nik is not a chosen one and Mari tries hard all the way), no weird love trainagles. There is diversity in love (the Tribe of the Trees have many different types of couples). There is reverence for the Earth. Reverence for nature and animals. 

I give Moon Chosen ★★★★★. And I thought about this a long time. I was tempted to give it less because others didn’t like it, but then it’s not my rating, is it? I get why others might now have liked it: it does take awhile to develop, but I really liked the writing style and pacing myself. Then again, as you know with me, I have a plethora of patience when it comes to books. I think if people who DNF it pick it up again and get past the slow parts, they might like it. Then again, they might not. 

I can’t recommend it to anyone because now that I have seen some of the reviews, I don’t know if others will like it like I did. But I’m also an easy sell. I like anything with magical worlds that are written well. I’m a book pushover. So don’t read it based off my review…read it based on the blurb and what you think you might feel about a story like this. I DO hope to find other people that like this one, but I might be in the minority here.

What do you think of Moon Chosen? Have you read it? I haven’t read any other Cast novels so I’m coming in with a blank slate. Do you think it’s worth a read?

41 thoughts on “Moon Chosen – P.C. Cast (Review)

  1. klkranesya

    I like that you have you’re own opinion. I can relate to being a “book pushover”. I like how you put that. I think books are like people, I can find something good and usually something great and enjoyable in almost every one of them.

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you know what I mean…I do find something redeeming in almost everything that I read. I know it’s not going to be a popular opinion, and it’s hard, because I wonder then if people will take less stock in my reviews. But I had to say how I felt, and I really liked the book.
      But I think being a book pushover is good, you know? We aren’t easily disappointed, we can enjoy almost anything, and we don’t have such a critical eye to where it’s hard to suspend our disbelief. I think that’s also why I love movies so much: I’m pretty easy to please with both. If you entertain me, then you’re a winner in my book. If you annoy me, then not so much, though it is truly hard to annoy me. Only Vassa in the Night and Stealing Snow lately have really annoyed me, and yet I still found some merit, some sort of them, that I really liked.
      I’m so glad you know what I mean! It’s such a relief, truly! Thank you! 😊😊😊


    1. Thank you! Oh, I hope you read it and love it as much as I did. It was so different and fresh and interesting. I’ve never read her books before but this one is enjoyable. You have to get through a bit to see how it comes together but then it does and it’s such an easy and smooth read.
      I can’t wait to see what you think!
      And I love that cover so much: I am such a coverwhore that it’s sad. 😂

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  2. Megan @ bookslayerReads

    No, no! Don’t base your rating on what other people thought about the book. I would be so sad. 😞 Fantastic review, as always, Steph! I can’t wait to get into this big bad boy. It’s super huge!! The hardback is anyway. I’m so happy to hear you loved it!!

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    1. Ooh you have the Hardback? That would be so awesome. The art in the book is really pretty. Yeah I think you’ll like it!
      It was weird bc with Vassa and Stealing Snow I mostly agreed with everyone, but with this one…I just really liked it. I was tempted to give it four so I wouldn’t seem so into it for the ppl who didn’t like it, but you’re right, I just couldn’t do it!
      Thank you! I love that you like my reviews! I found out from Cast that the next one doesn’t come out until next October…that’s a LONG WAIT, but she said it will be just as long! So I told her I would be happy to be a beta reader lol. I love Twitter and the ability to talk to authors all the time!

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    1. Yeah, I never read her House of Night books bc I am also a picky vamp reader. I really liked The Immortal Rules if you would like a good recommendation for a hardcore kick ass heroine in a YA vamp book!
      I’m glad I didn’t read her previous series bc I feel like it might have prejudiced me against reading this one, and I am so glad I did.
      I think you would like it, too. About the earth, nature, and moon goddesses! And people that can communicate with dogs and Lynxes. Pretty sweet. 😊

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    1. Thank you! Yep, not about werewolves at all! The dog on the cover is mainly because one of the tribes are connected to their dogs through a spiritual bond. If the dog dies, they die of a broken heart, and vice versa. It’s beautiful, really.
      I hope you like it!! 😉

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  3. Wow this is an amazing review Stephanie, and given you rated it so highly as well I am wondering whether I should try it as well. You’ve yet to lead me wrong when it comes to books so far, and everything you have recommended to me I can’t wait to start either. It’s definitely not what I was expecting from this book, reading the blurb and then reading your review, and I’m already intrigued by the promise of stories of new world as well! 😀

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    1. Thank you! I can say the same for you as well. I wasn’t sure about it because of the author and the notorious vamp novels that I have never read…but this book blows me away! It was so different and so fresh. I wanted to feel meh about it bc I have seen others feel that way, and I didn’t want to like a bad book, but I just think many ppl DNFed the book before giving it a chance to develop. It’s long like ACOTAR and just as intricate.
      I really think you’d like this one. It’s long, but I tore through it. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right! 😀 Nah I have read the notorious vamp novels and wasn’t impressed but I dunno how to feel about this book so maybe I should give it a try and let it stand on its own rather than against another series you know? You’re more than entitled to like a bad book if you enjoy it. Everyone has different reading tastes and not everyone is going to think the same thing. If you enjoyed a book who cares what everyone else thinks right?
        Well I got through ACOTAR so the length of this one shouldn’t be a problem either! 🙂

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  4. You do have a lot of patience with slow paced books I realized, because you recommended me that book Crosstalk and I have no patience for it. I am irritated by Briddey’s constant hovering family and her constant whine about mind reading. I have since pause at 20% for close to a month already. But, authors will like you because you will bring out the good in these books that others like me don’t have the patience for… hehe.. Great review and I like that you include quotes from the book with images created by the book. I like that lady with the flowers on her body.. pretty.. hehe..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I do have some patience, but not a ton…I tried to read this book by Murakami called 1Q84 that everyone said was so great and it was 900 plus pages! I couldn’t get past 30% because nothing happened! She was supposed to be in an alternate future and by the time I quit reading, the only diff was the police officers’ uniforms! I was like, seriously? I still tried to read it and my mom told me, “Don’t waste your time on a book you don’t like.” She’s right. And if you can’t get into Crosstalk, ditch it. Though if you get to the part where she starts hearing ppl’s thoughts, it gets WAY funny.
      She first ONLY hears (I can’t remember his name) him, then it gets really bad. Her family is annoying throughout, but it gets less annoying. I waited for the surgery and after the surgery I was dying laughing with the irony. And I like a good wacky love story.
      This one requires some major patience. I think that’s why so many ppl ditched it. But you say such nice things! You really are one of my fave bloggers! 😊

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      1. well thank you for the hints of funny up ahead.. I will get back to it later, after I complete all of my buddy reads.. haha.. yeah, life is too short to waste time on boring books.. 🙂 I agree with your mom!

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  5. I definitely plan on reading this one! I’ve heard time and time again that the world building is fantastic. I’ve also heard that it can be slightly confusing and drags at bit at times but with the way you described it I have a feeling I could look past all of that and really love it. I’ve read a few of the author’s previous books and I’ll say this, she is fantastic at backstory and world building. Though I’ll admit I never finished her other series because it dragged on for too long and the characters started annoying me. I’m really glad you ended up enjoying this. Great review, Stephanie! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much!!
      I’ve never read any of her or her daughter’s books, and maybe I should though I refuse to read anything that long (what, it’s like 12 books in House of Night??). I hope she doesn’t plan on making this series this long…but it pains me that she told me the next one doesn’t come out until Oct! (I volunteered to read it as an ARC, lol)
      I hope you like it! I hate it when I love something that someone else reads and hates. It sucks. 😉😘

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      1. You’re welcome!!
        Yep it’s 12 books long the last I checked. I know right? I read more series that anything but too many books and I lose interests. That sucks. Waiting for the sequel to a great book is always the worst 😣.
        I have a feeling I will. I already know I enjoy the author’s writing style and I love great world building in books. 😊💕

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    2. Yeah, I don’t have the patience for a series that long! I think a quarter would be my limit, lol! That’s kind of why I’ve shied away from TMI series and all the spinoffs. Though I love staying in a book world, sometimes you need an escape from it, lol!

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      1. I’ve found that TMI is actually one of my few exceptions. I’ve read and loved every one of the Shadowhunter books 😊. But I definitely agree, sometimes you need an escape from certain book worlds. There’s always those series I wish were longer and then those ones where after they end I want the to stay ended even though I loved them.

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  6. Christy Luis

    That cover totally gets me, too! What an interesting premise…

    Btw, I’m so glad you went with your heart on rating this book. Sometimes that can be really hard to do, but you’re courageous to do it anyway! 🙂 Authors dream of loyal readers like you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you Christy! I really look forward to your comments.
      It was hard bc I thought some ppl were going to say, “Oh, I hated this,” and then question my judgement when it comes to ratings, but everyone’s been really cool.
      And also judging by what you like, I think you’d like this one. We have incredibly similar tastes in books and though it may not be a five star one for you, I think you’d get a kick out of it. And I’d love to see what you think!
      Can’t wait to see what you’re reading next! 😊

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      1. Christy Luis

        Thanks so much!! We really do 😀 I still remember reading the description of your blog, a few months ago now, and thinking, “PERFECT MATCH!” Haha. Ditto about seeing what you’re reading next!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Aww, you thought that? Wow. You just made my day. 😊😊😊
      I’m reading The Swan Riders now, the sequel to The Scorpion Rules, and it’s so good. You like dystopian: you should really read The Scorpion Rules!!
      Then I have to hurry and pick what I’m going to read before I have to sacrifice another bundle of library books. Sigh. I miss the days when I could read a book/day. Now it’s like 2-3 days if I’m lucky and have time!

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  7. If you liked it, you should rate is like you feel it deserves.
    Who cares about the others! Reading experience is always subjective, even though we all like to be objective in our reviews.
    P.S. This story does sound like complicated and complexed for my little lazy brain!
    I read only Marked and the second book from that series by this author, and even though it’s nothing special, it read sooooo quickly, it’s like it compells you.

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  8. I’m glad you enjoyed this one enough to give it five full stars! You’re right re: the diversity of romance – I hadn’t thought of that before when reviewing this book but I realised now that there are tons of different couples in the book, and that in itself is a feat! 😀

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    1. Sorry it took me so long to see this comment! Got lost among the fray of emails!
      Yes, there is so much diversity and it’s not even pointed out like, here’s some diversity over here! It’s just how things are. I find it interesting that the people are evolved enough to believe in diversity of love but not to believe it in the Moon Walkers. To the Sun people the Moon Walkers are children who cannot take care of themselves. Totally shows double standards in life. 😉

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    1. She is and she isn’t, just like Stephenie Meyer. Some people love the Marked books, and some people think they’re horrible. I haven’t read any of them. I was going to when I was in my Twilight phase, but it seemed a little overkill with how long the series is…I think there’s like 12 books? And some popes hate her writing, just like Meyer. They claim it’s garbage, so they don’t give this one a chance.
      I liked it. But I haven’t seen a ton of people who agree with me on Goodreads. So I don’t know. I think a lot of people go in expecting it to be bad because of the vampire series and the stigma attached to it. Go figure something can be so popular (like Twilight was and her series was), and then later people act like it’s the worst thing in the world! I’ll never understand that. Same goes for Divergent: people loved it and now you’re hearing people say it was horrible. I just don’t get it.
      I can’t wait for the next book…I just hope this series isn’t as long as her vamp one. That’s the whole reason I avoided her in the first place…well, that and her romance novels, lol.

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