I Wrote Something….Halloween Edition 

My friend Melanie was doing a Halloween feature and asked people to volunteer with their favorite “monster.” I of course am a zombie fan…I was going to write a piece about the history and such, when I noticed other people were writing stories and doing cool themes. 

So I decided to write a story. You can find the original post here: My Zombie Post – MNBernardBooks

But for everyone else…here’s my story – I hope you like it! 


Stephanie Plotkin

There was only one thing I knew: I wouldn’t, I couldn’t become one of them.

I panted, running faster than I ever thought my legs capable. Terrence already had passed me and turned his head to make sure I was still behind him. The pain in my arm radiated like fire, burning through my muscles and making it hard to breathe. “We…need to…stop,” I breathed, gasping. “We need to find a place….” I trailed off, barely able to talk through my shuddering attempts at catching my breath.

Terrence shook his head. “I always thought zombies would be slow! We’ll never make it far enough to find a place to hide.” He was already gaining so much distance from me, and I knew why he wasn’t anxious to remain close.

As we ran, I could hear the wails, inhuman and grating. I refused to sound like that. How could anything human make that kind of noise? I pumped my legs in panic – I wasn’t eager to join the mass behind me. I refused to look back and see the glazed eyes of my friends staring blankly back. Theresa, Jordan…practically the whole junior class of Spartan High was part of the mob following us.

My arm ached and now my neck felt stiff. The rational side of my brain kept thinking of infection: it scolded me for not immediately covering the wound in Bactine. Or going to the hospital. But there was no rational answer anymore. There was nothing anyone could do about a bite from the living dead. The only prescription was a bullet to the brain, and I wasn’t eager to follow doctor’s orders on that one.

Terrence turned a corner and entered an alley. There was a door with an old handle that looked like it hadn’t been touched in decades. “Through here!” He turned the knob but it wouldn’t budge. Terrence backed up and slammed his shoulder into the center of the door and it flung open, making him trip into the room. “Oh, wow!” he exclaimed. I followed him in and what I saw surprised me: a whole room full of dusty tomes, covered in cobwebs. It looked like a secret library. The me before all this would have been impressed, but the me now just wanted to sit down and rest. And I was hungry. I was so so hungry.

“Terrence, see if there’s anything canned to eat in here. I think I’m just going to rest against the wall.” I slid down to the floor, exhaustion taking hold. I tried to wipe the film from my eyes: it seemed like the room was fuzzy, like I was looking through warped glass. Terrence stared at me. “Well, what are you waiting for? The apocalypse?? I’m pretty sure it’s here!” I wanted to cry but my eyes weren’t cooperating.

He stared at me, his mouth hanging in shock. “What?” I asked. “I’m not having the best day, so if something is hanging out of my nose, I’d prefer you ignore it this once.”

“Carrie, are you ok? You look…funny.”

“Well, you aren’t looking so hot yourself.”

“No, seriously, your eyes look…weird. Like their eyes.” He backed up slowly and sat down against one of the many rows of books. “I know you were bit. I was there. I didn’t want to talk about it right then, but shouldn’t we talk about it now?”

“What’s there to talk about?” I asked. “I refuse to become one of them. Besides, we don’t know if that’s what’s going on here. You think all those people are zombies?? Like from the movies?” I knew the answer but I was stalling. Maybe if I convinced him that we were dealing with a different monster, he would leave me alone and I could continue to deny what was happening to me. “I heard you call them zombies, but there’s no such thing. I’m sure it’s a virus or something science can explain! I REFUSE to believe in Dawn of the Dead BULLSHIT!! It was a crappy movie anyway!!” At this point, I could feel the panic, I could feel the fear, but mostly I could feel the hunger. But I wasn’t about to tell Terrence that: he was looking down at his father’s pistol, the one thing he thought to stop and grab during our sprint through the streets. “I’m telling you, Terrence, I’m fine, just a little hungry and tired.” I held my breath, hoping he wasn’t about to turn that thing on me.

He looked up at me then. “You’re right, Carrie. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We don’t know what…this…is. That horde of zom…I mean…people just freaked me out is all.”

“I get it, and it freaked me out, too. Why don’t you just look for something to eat, and I’m just going to rest for a minute.” I hoped he believed me. I wouldn’t become one of them. I refused to lose myself. I attempted to redress the wound on my arm to staunch the bleeding, but it seemed to continue to bleed as if the wound was fresh. I’d lost a lot of blood, and I was scared and tired. And so, so hungry.

“We’ll take shifts,” I started to say, but I couldn’t fight closing my eyes. “If you can just take the first…” I slipped into unconsciousness, and it was bliss. I was tired of fighting the fatigue. I dreamed of my mom, and my sister, and…



Terrence looked down at Carrie’s body, now limp as a rag doll. His hands were shaking. He had watched Carrie close her eyes, watched her fall asleep, watched her stop breathing.

He watched as her eyes began to open again, the film completely covering her once vibrant blue irises. He heard the sounds of moaning start up, and he instinctively took aim and pulled the trigger.

He wouldn’t let her become one of them. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t.

Did you like my story? Thanks for reading! 

45 thoughts on “I Wrote Something….Halloween Edition 

  1. Ah! That was awesome. I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂
    “The only prescription was a bullet to the brain.” is such a great line. 😀 I love it. I really enjoyed all your dialogue, actually.
    Are you planning on participating in NaNoWriMo this year by any chance?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I need to! I have another short story that I would like to develop more fully – nothing like this but still sci-fi. I never thought I had the chops…but you guys are definitely giving me the confidence to do it!
      Thank you – my dialogue used to be so stilted so I think reading has helped so much. Your comment means so much to me….it gives me courage to write more! ☺️🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, that’s fantastic. Yay, I’m glad you’re going to give it a shot this year! I’m doing NaNoWriMo for my second time this year. I didn’t make the 50,000 words last time but was later able to do it another month, just not during the official novel writing month. I learned a lot though during my first attempt at it. I wish you all the luck with your first stab at it. 🙂 It can be really stressful at times because it’s such a high word count in a small time frame, but it’s a lot of fun, too and it really does teach you a lot about your strengths and hang ups as a writer. Looking forward to hearing how you do with it and any other future writing projects you take on. I think writing is the only thing that’s kept me sane all my life. lol Have a great weekend! 😀

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    2. Thanks for the support! I know you will do great things if you’re able to write in another month instead of November. I tried it last year but just didn’t have the time. Technically I don’t this year either but I want to make it a priority. I want to create something. I want to have people read my words and like them.
      I hope I can do it this time! You have def given me the nudge I needed and I hope you have a good weekend too!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. DL Jung

    Nice one! I especially like this line: “it scolded me for not immediately covering the wound in Bactine.”

    I’m not the biggest fan of zombies, but it was a really great choice not to show the zombies and focus on the effects on the living.

    You should totally do NaNoWriMo!

    I wrote a horror story that I just posted to Wattpad for Halloween. My favorite monsters are usually more of the human kind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, I would love to read your story!! That’s awesome. (I know what you mean about human monsters – love to see your work!)
      I never thought about Wattpad. I have it downloaded for stuff to read but I never thought of actually using it: is it good?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. DL Jung

        Thanks, I’d love for you to read it. I’m always happy to have people look at my work. I actually tried to shamelessly drop a link to it in the comments, but I think WordPress blocks anything with a link, so I’ll tweet it at you if you don’t mind 😀

        I’m just getting into Wattpad myself, but it seems to have a lot of promise. It’s more than just fan fiction, though that’s still a big part of it. Lots of writers are building large followings with serialized novels and novellas. I’m planning on putting longer stuff there too, along with an excerpt from my upcoming novel.

        The best thing about Wattpad I’ve seen so far is that it’s very positive and supportive. Fingers crossed, I haven’t seen any trolling.

        Definitely give it a look!


    1. Thank you! That means a lot coming from you because you read A LOT of books! So I’m really happy to know you liked it.
      Hopefully I can do NaNo this year and accomplish something! I’d love for you to review it one day! 😍❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. DAAAAAANG. ALRIGHT THEN. Seriously, I really enjoyed reading that! I somehow missed that post on Melanie’s page so I’m glad you shared it on your blog as well! Are you thinking of giving NaNoWriMo a go? It’s pretty time intensive but I hope you keep on writing stories! (P.S. Your zombie story made me think of the series Until The End of the World by Sarah Lyons Fleming which you should definitely check out btw 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm, that sounds like an interesting title…I’ll have to look it up!
      Thank you so much! I’m going to give it a try but I’m so busy – then again writing has been my dream since I was a little girl. I wrote a story for the library in 3rd grade and won first place…ever since then I’ve wanted to write! So I need to make it a priority.
      So glad you liked it! I was worried ppl would think it was lame. 😳

      Liked by 1 person

  4. klkranesya

    This is great! I am not a fan of zombies. They super freak me out. I have a tough time reading anything zombie related. And I really loved this!! (Your story was so good it made me forget my zombie-phobia and keep reading!) Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so honored you liked it! It means a lot because I really have little faith in myself anymore. But this feedback makes me want to write again! There is a short story contest and I would like to write something and submit it…I’ve just been worried I don’t have the chops.


  5. LOVED IT!! I’m a huge fan of zombies as well, so this hit the spot! You’ve got a great way of bringing the action, tension, and emotion across in such a short story 😄 I’d say you’ve definitely got some skills as a writer! I’d love to read some more from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! This really made my day! ☺️
      I hope one day I will write a book and you’ll read it and blog about it! Oh, that would be a dream come true. I should be doing NaNo right now but I’ve once again put it off. I need to make time to write but there is always so much to do!
      Thank you though. It makes me feel encouraged. 😘❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Can’t wait for the day to read a published work of yours! ❤ NaNo sounds like such an intense process haha. I think it's okay to put it off for a bit, especially when you're so busy! Completely understandable. Hopefully you'll manage to find that time to dedicate to your writing, though!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I hope so too! It’s so hard to find time but when I knew I had to, it just came out in one sitting. So it’s all a matter of sitting down and doing it. I’m tired of reading: it’s time to WRITE the books my friends read! 😂🙌

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I came across this piece on mnbernardbooks.wordpress.com and I loved it so much I wanted to give my feedback on your original website! It’s a little one sided as I love the zombie genre, but I think the suspense and the despair was captured beautifully, especially Carrie’s! Great job and I’m excited for more content!
    The wayfarer @ awayfarersmemoirs.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! It was just something I whipped up in the moment and it was fun. I would like to write more and of course write longer pieces. I’m so happy that you enjoyed it and it means so much to me that you came to my site to tell me. ☺️☺️☺️


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