Happy New Year! Here’s a COVER REVEAL!!

Happy New Year, all! I’m hoping to start the New Year off right with blogging some more. I know I get wrapped up in work or watching Rick and Morty…but my blog means a lot to me. So I’m making it a priority. Let’s hear it for 2018!!

So I’ve been keeping this under wraps but I have been DYING to share it with you!

I read this awesome book, The Wendy, awhile ago. As they didn’t plan to release the book until today, I had to keep it to myself and it was hard!!

I finally get to share the cover with you…and guess what? Little ol’ me is QUOTED RIGHT ON THE COVER!

Let me share with you the cover of The Wendy!

Doesn’t that just take your breath away? It did when I saw it, for sure. Same people that wrote The Intuitives that I raved about.

Here’s my little blurb on my Hardcover copy:

I am honored to be a part of this book’s journey. I have a lot of faith in this book and I hope to see it in bookstores. I do love this book and I cannot wait for the sequel.

Let me share with you the blurb…


“Girls can’t be in the navy! Girls take care of babies! You’re so stupid, you don’t know anything!”

London. 1783. Wendy Darling is an orphan, living in an overcrowded almshouse, ridiculed for believing in a future she can never have. More than anything in the world, she wants to be the captain of a ship. But that’s impossible.
Isn’t it?

By 1789, she’s sixteen, old enough to be sold into service as a dressmaker or a servant. When she learns the Home Office is accepting a handful of women into its ranks, she jumps at the chance, joining the fight against the most formidable threat England has ever faced. Magic.

But the secret service isn’t exactly what she had hoped. Accompanied by a reimagined cast of the original Peter Pan, Wendy soon discovers that her dreams are as far away as ever, that choosing sides isn’t as simple as she thought, and that the only man who isn’t blinded by her gender… might be her nation’s greatest enemy.

Sounds good, right? Who doesn’t love a Peter Pan retelling?

The Wendy is a YA historical fiction slash fantasy novel that had me glued to the pages. Just when it starts getting really good, you are left at the precipice, dying to know what happens next. I’m a big champion of this book and the authors, and I definitely give it five stars easily. I’m not writing this in my typical review style because the blurb pretty much explains the story better than I could. I am however going to give you an excerpt of the book so you can see for yourselves!

Chapter 1

By the year 1780, London was bursting at the seams. Almost a million people had been stuffed into every nook and cranny, and a good number of these had no idea where they had come from. Nestled in baskets and swaddled in rags, they had appeared overnight on the doorsteps of almshouses all over the city. Babies. Staring wide-eyed at mystified caretakers, demanding explanations.

But there were none to be had.

This was why Wendy Darling believed in magic. It was the only thing that made sense.

Opinions, however, were divided on the subject.

“Babies don’t come from magic. They come from mothers.”

Mortimer Black was seven and thought he knew everything. He was different from the other children because he had arrived with a note. The note gave his name, penned in a woman’s delicate hand, and he lorded it over the rest of them every chance he got. Mortimer knew he had a mother.

“Just because some babies come from mothers doesn’t mean they all do,” Wendy would argue. She was also seven, but she was very logical.

“Yes, they do all,” he would counter. “You’re just jealous ’cause you don’t have a real name.”

“You take that back! Wendy Darling is my real name!”

But she had her doubts.

Mrs. Healey, the caretaker, was fond of the name Wendy and thought her a darling child. Wendy, darling, fetch me the pitcher, please, she would say. Or, Wendy, darling, where has little Charlie run off to?

Wendy secretly thought Mortimer might have a point.

“You’re nobody,” he would tell her, laughing and poking her with a cruel finger. “You’re just a foundling!”

Fortunately, Wendy had an excellent right jab. That usually ended the matter, at least until she was ten. Ten was the year Wendy’s whole life ended before it had even begun.

The disaster struck at Bartholomew Fair, in September of 1783.

The almshouse barely took in enough money to feed everyone, let alone send the children off to fairs. But there was a particular lord in London who loved fairs more than anything, and Bartholomew Fair most of all, with its acrobatics and its puppet shows and its exotic beasts smelling of faraway places. Of desert spices and fever dreams.

Unfortunately, a lot of drinking went on there too, and he was a public figure. He had to keep up appearances.

So this lord, whose name we won’t mention so as not to rat him out, came up with the scheme of funding a trip for the almshouse every year. “For the poor foundling children,” he explained, addressing the querulous, upturned noses of high society, “who have no mothers to take them on outings or to buy them sausages or gingerbreads or hot pies or puddings.”

He was especially fond of puddings.

He would arrive at dawn on the appointed day in September with a handful of carriages, each drawn by two fine horses, and the children would all line up behind Mrs. Healey—arranged alphabetically so she could keep proper track of them. “Adam, Agnes, Arthur, Bartholomew,” Mrs. Healey would bark, ticking the children off on her fingers. “No, Bartholomew, the fair was not named after you. Bridget, Cecilia, Charles,” and so on.

As each name was pronounced, she would tap the corresponding child lightly on the head, and he or she would be off like a shot, tumbling into a carriage. They laughed and screamed and piled on top of each other to fit in. All but Wendy, who was always last in line, terrified that this time they would run out of room after Valentine and she would be left behind.

“Wendy,” Mrs. Healey finally pronounced. Wendy raced to the first carriage, but Mortimer Black stuck his head out the window before she even got to the door.

“No room!” he yelled. “Go to the back of the line!” Wendy could see for herself there was plenty of room, but she heard Mortimer’s friends laughing and carrying on. “Back of the line!” they echoed. “Back of the line, Wendy!” Wendy looked despairingly down the line at the rest of the carriages, all stuffed to the gills, with little heads and arms poking out the windows. But then Charlie, to whom one of those heads belonged, called out to her from the fourth carriage. “We have room, Wendy. If we squeeze a little more.”

Wendy trotted toward him, but only as far as the horses—a lovely pair of matching brown mares, with black manes and tails and wide, strong hooves.

“Excuse me,” she said to them both. “Do you think you could pull one more? I hate to ask it. I can see you have a full load already. But I would very much like to go to the fair too, if you think you could manage it.”

“What’s this, then?” the driver grumbled. “You don’t have to ask them, for heaven’s sake. They’re just animals.”

“All right,” she said, to appease him. But then she whispered to the horses anyway, “Could you?”

The mares looked at each other, and they looked back at Wendy. They puffed out their chests and held their heads high, each nodding just once against the bit.

“Thank you,” Wendy whispered. Only then did she run to the door and clamber on top of the pile.

Wendy from Peter Pan (2003) – this is how I kind of picture Wendy, but with better hair lol 😂

The Wendy starts when Wendy is young and sees her grow up. You can tell by the excerpt that Wendy is special and different, and I rooted for her the whole book.

I guarantee you will enjoy this book! So here are some links (and all the info) now that it’s out and available!

Title: The Wendy

Authors: Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

Publisher: Trash Dogs Media, LLC

Release date: January 16, 2017

Length: 280 pages

Hardcover: 978-1946137050

Paperback: 978-1946137067

Ebook: 978-1946137074

Website: http://trashdogs.com/wendy.html

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35510314-the-wendy

And here’s my official rating as usual for The Wendy:

So…what are you waiting for? Doesn’t this sound awesome? I provided the links so there’s no excuse not to check it out!

More reviews coming your way, and I’ll be doing a Goodreads wrap-up post, which will remind me how awful I did this last year as a reader! 🤦‍♀️🤯

Whatcha guys reading? Tell me! And I’ll be catching up with your blogs, too! (New Year’s Resolutions, bitches!) 😂🤣🙌

45 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Here’s a COVER REVEAL!!

    1. Yay!! It is a really good read. And I’m not biased at all. Though I am a big fan of the authors. And I have my little HC with my quote that I WISH I COULD FRAME!! 😂🤣
      I hope you love it like I did. 😘🤞

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    1. Yay, you got one too!! Oh I am so happy that you have one!! Some of the proofs don’t have it but they sent me their first Author proof which meant the world to me. I hope you love it – you let me know what you think, young lady! 😂🤣
      I’m SO glad you have this! 😍😍😍

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    2. You do so much for the book community!! I’m just honored to know you! And I know that they put this book in good hands when they sent one to you. You are seriously one of the best people I’ve met and I’m glad I know you. 😘😘😘

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  1. Happy New Year Stephanie! I totally am on the same page with getting back to the blogging game. After a chaotic second half to 2017, I’m back!

    Congrats on being quoted in a book! That is every book blogger’s dream! You my friend have officially arrived 🙂

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