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Bio: I'm an avid reader of YA. I do Read and Reviews (RaRs) for NetGalley and other books given to me, as well as books of my choosing. I graduated Fall 2016 from Grand Valley State University and will be a high school English teacher. I formed this blog to assist teachers and parents with finding contemporary YA for the classroom or for recreational reading. When I found out my 12 year old niece was given an inappropriate Young Adult title, suggested by a Barnes & Noble employee, I decided that there needs to be information to help buyers pick the right books. Some material is not right for younger YA readers while some is perfect. I like it all, and I want to share to help match books with readers. It's why I want to become a teacher. That, and I want to rekindle the love of reading books...and get new literature into the hands of students. Don't get me wrong: I love the classics! But authors like Lauren Destefano and Marissa Meyer write books that belong in the hands of young readers. I'm just the messenger. Please don't shoot me. If you would like to contact me regarding RaRs, please email me @ starlightshine83@aol.com. I mainly read YA science-fiction and fantasy, so those are the books I am most likely to agree to review. However, I am always open to help an indie author get a leg up! Thank you! 😘

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  44. Hi TeacherofYA,

    You say that you are a book reviewer and
    ” .. decided that there needs to be information to help buyers pick the right books .. “, hence your blog.

    Last November you commented on the blog of a Welsh reviewer Jodie Alexandra Cook (https://forthenovellovers.wordpress.com/2016/10/22/summit-shock-chapter-2/) who had started posting chapters from a factional novel Summit Shock. You asked ” .. Is this a novel you’re working on? Because if it is, you should sign up for NaNoWriMo!! .. “.

    Jodie responded with ” .. yes this is a book I have already completed writing but before I get it published I wanted to see what my fellow bloggers thought of it .. “.

    In fact Summit Shock was not written by 20-year-old Jodie Cook but by her 56-year-old partner John O’Sullivan, who self-published it in 2008/9 when Jodie was about 12. More recently Jodie submitted the novel as her own work on Berlin-based E-publisher Inkitt’s website (https://www.inkitt.com/JodieACook). When it was drawn to their attention that she had plagiarised her partners work Inkitt sensibly blocked access to the novel.

    On her Inkitt profile Jodie still claims ” .. JodieACook Cardiff I am book blogger who is branching out into writing my first two full length novels and hoping to get them published real soon! .. “. I speculate that she would have gone on to plagiarise John O’Sulluvan’s first factional novel “Vanilla Girl”, self-published in 2007/8 when Jodie was still in Junior school.

    As a reviewer you should also know how there needs to be information to help authors to pick the right reviewers. As well as claiming to be branching out into writing novels, plagiarist Jodie Cook claims to be a ” .. Professional Book Reviewer looking for aspiring and established authors seeking reviews on any and all novels .. ” (http://www.lakako.com/photos/novelbloglover). USA author Heidi Lyn Burke’s “Scam Alert” article and the subsequent comments from various contributors provides interesting information about Jodie Alexandra Cook’s reputation as a book reviewer (http://www.hlburkeblog.com/2016/08/author-targeting-review-scammer.html).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this information. I truly appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I will be cutting contact with that blogger as I am against all forms of plagiarism.
      Thank you again for letting me know. I’m sorry that this is something you have to deal with. I will let others know about this ASAP.


    2. There should be a contact page but it’s Starlightshine83@aol.com.
      Definitely need some info on all of this. She’s giving excuses but it doesn’t add up. I’m also not one to charge for reviews: I was told it was a donation-based program that she was doing…but charging for reviews is just wrong. The reviews are also always full of spoilers so I can’t even read them anymore.


  45. Pete Ridley

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have prepared a note covering numerous examples of what appear to be further instances of Jodie Akexandra Cook’s plagiarisation during 2015 and 2017. It’s rather long so wouldn’t post as a comment so I wondered if you were interested in me posting it as an invited contribution to your blog.

    It’s possible that she has a simple explanation of why she appears to use the work of others without acknowledging their original work. I’ve tried to get her to respond to my comments submitted to her blogs but they simply get deleted from moderation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would actually like some more info if possible. Could you email me? Because I have been friends with Jodie for some time and I’m getting some information from her disputing this, so of course I would like to know more about all of this. Would that be acceptable?


  46. Pete Ridley

    Hi Stephanie,

    Your recent two comments include a few items of particular interest to me. You said that your friend Jodie is providing ” .. some information .. disputing this, so of course I would like to know more about all of this .. giving excuses but it doesn’t add up .. I was told it was a donation-based program that she was doing .. “.

    Two major issues have been raised concerning “Professional Book Reviewer” Jodie’s activities, i.e:
    1) FEES, raised in the article “Author targeting review scammer SCAM ALERT” by Heidi Lyn Burke in August 2016 (http://www.hlburkeblog.com/2016/08/author-targeting-review-scammer.html),
    2) PLAGIARY, raised by me here in October 2017 (https://teacherofya.wordpress.com/about/comment-page-4/#comment-10372).
    I raised both of these in submissions to Jodie’s blogs in August 2017 but my submissions were simply deleted after moderation.

    Jodie has so far ignored my attempts to enter into dialogue about her apparent plagiary, not only of her partner John O’Sullivan’s factional book “Summit Shock”, self-published in 2008/9, but also of reviews by others.

    If Jodie disputes what I (and others) have said then I would love to see her counterclaims. As her “bae” and business partner John O’Sullivan is well aware from our numerous exchanges since 2010, I have no wish to mislead others because I have misinterpreted facts and expressed incorrect opinions therefrom. I am happy and eager to reconsider what I have said in the light of counterclaims and consider whether or not retractions and apologies are warranted.

    I reminded him of this in response to his unfounded allegation of defamation against me and two associates in April 2012 (https://web.archive.org/web/20130602064058/http://globalpoliticalshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/professor-judith-curry-threatened-with.html).

    Surely, if Jodie disputes what has been published about her then she should be prepared to publish her counterclaims. As she appears reluctant to debate the issues on her own blogs then here would seem to be as good a place as any.

    Regarding your comment that Jodie’s ” .. reviews are also always full of spoilers .. ” – I couldn’t agree more.

    As for my draft note covering some of Jodie’s 2015 and 2017 reviews, I’ll E-mail to you on the understanding that it is Private and Confidential between the two of us unless agreed otherwise on specific items.


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