The Book Blogger Awards Winners

Thank you to everyone who voted for my blog!! Seeing this really makes me feel like a part of the community, and I couldn’t be happier.
Thanks to Joce, and thanks to all who are fellow winners and nominees!

Write Through the Night

Hey guys!!

First off, if you are still unfamiliar with the book blogger awards, you likely weren’t following my blog very carefully, but can figure out what I mean by heading back over to the original post.  I decided to do the second round via Twitter because that seemed like the best possible way to get the most possible people to vote.

Second, I want to thank all of you who did submit blogger nominations!! It was amazing the number of new blogs I found through this.  I hope that, if nothing else, anyone who wants to find new book blogs will be able to because of this.

Third– to those of you who nominated me for something, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! You all are incredible and it means so much that you feel the same way about my blog ❤

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Best Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

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New BFF: Teacher of YA

Inge interviewed me for this feature and I love it! She made me feel so special even asking!
If you’d like to learn more about me or my blog, go check it out! 😉

The Belgian Reviewer


I still remember it like it was yesterday when Stephanie @TeacherofYA’s Book Blog reached out to me as a new blogger. She started blogging in July 2016 but I can tell you she has already surpassed me in everything by now. Her rating system is a very original one with two different sets: RainbowBrites for book appreciation and another one for class approprieteness. I think she must be a great teacher in real life too and I wish I’d gotten someone like her when I was younger! She read 168 books in 2016 so I think you’ll find a lot of inspiration if you’re into YA fantasy books! Be sure to check out her blog and give her a like, she’s so nice!


Name: Stephanie Plotkin

Age: 34 (or 29 for the 5th time)

I'm 29

Birthday: March 8

What did you study or do you study now / what is your…

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The Dead Inside – Excerpt and Giveaway!

So you know I usually post reviews on here, but I was invited to invite YOU to read an excerpt of the new book, The Dead Inside, by Cyndy Etler. Here's the spooky cover for y'all to check out!  The Cover: Here's a little about the book, too: For readers of Girl Interrupted and Tweak, …

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TeacherofYA’s Very First GIVEAWAY! (::cheers::)

So...all you guys out there in Radioland... Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's an old phrase and I'm old I guess. Lol. Today I'm about to reveal the very exciting, very beautiful cover for Dyan Chick's second book in the Heir of Illaria series, Oracle of Illaria. Now, if you haven't read Heir of Illaria, no …

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Friday Fun: A Few of My Favorite Book Bloggers You Might Not Know

I love it when I make an impact on others…it makes me feel like I’m doing a good job.
Thanks to’s blog for thinking of me and listing me with other excellent blogs! I will try to keep rockin’ the reviews for y’all! 😘

K.L. Kranes, Author

Following bloggers is very personal. We start following blogs for different reasons. Perhaps a single post catches our eye one day. Perhaps a blog is recommended by someone else. Perhaps a blogger follows you and you follow back. Whatever the reason, for me, the blogs I read regularly are the ones in which I feel some sort of personal connection to the content or the blogger’s point of view. That means they’re usually book related.

20170107_141947-v2So, for some Friday Fun, I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite book bloggers. Perhaps you know them, perhaps you don’t. Before I start, I want to be clear there are many great bloggers out there I follow and many I probably haven’t discovered yet. If I tried to make a list of all my favorite bloggers it would be very, very long. This list includes bloggers I really enjoy for the following reasons…

  • They clearly love…

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Are We Failing Students by Not Turning Them into Readers?

This is incredibly important: we need to keep the students reading and keep books in the hands of young readers! Please read.

Pages Unbound | Book Reviews & Discussions

Discussion Post Stars

The Benefits of Reading

It’s commonly known among teachers that students who read more or who are read to at home are more successful at school and write more successfully than their non-reading peers.  This probably should not surprise us as, of course, not being able to read at grade level would make studying any subject more difficult.  Furthermore, reading extensively can help students gain a larger vocabulary and become more comfortable with more complex syntaxes.  It can also provide students with models for their own writing and provide them with evidence to support their own arguments when they write.  And, of course, we are now exploring the possibility that reading literary fiction can make a person more empathetic, and help socialize children.

The Depressing Statistics

However, despite the widely-known benefits of reading, all of us know plenty of individuals who do not read and do not like to…

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling (Review and #HPBlogateers)

Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter #1) Author: J.K. Rowling (as if you didn't know!) Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books, 2001 (Reprint) Genre: YA Fantasy, MG Fantasy This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA's Tumblr, or my Goodreads page This read was done with Megan @ bookslayerreads, Jasmine @ howusefulitis, Jodie @ forthenovellovers, Sammi @ onebookishgirl and Tiff from Tiffthebooknerd! We …

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Raven Song – I.A. Ashcroft (Blog Tour/Review)

Tile: Raven Song (Inoki's Game #1) Author: I.A. Ashcroft Publisher: Lucid Dreams Publishing, 2016 Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction **I received a copy of this book free from Lucid Dreams Publishing in exchange for an honest review** This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA's Tumblr, or my Goodreads page My Review: I will always be honest with you …

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Beat the Backlist and Netgalley/Edelweiss Challenge 2017!

So I've signed up for two challenges...and I haven't even told you guys about it! So it's time before I post another review! My first challenge, and I am really excited about it (gotta get some books read that I own or are not NEW RELEASES!) is the Beat The Backlist challenge hosted by Novelknight's Blog: …

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Freeks – Amanda Hocking (Review & Blog Tour!)

Title: Freeks Author: Amanda Hocking Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin, 2017 (Jan 3) Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal **I received a copy of the book free from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review** This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA's Tumblr, or my Goodreads page My Review: First of all, love this cover. Totally …

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