Then and Now: Rewriting the Book on School Reading Lists

I went to high school back when YA was nothing like it is today. So did she. Read on as she explains the difference in required reading lists and the attempts to change them: this has been my biggest trial…

K.L. Kranes

In high school, although I was loathe to admit it to friends, I loved English class. Outwardly I complained like everyone else about the ‘boring’ books the teachers put on the reading lists. Inwardly I loved them. (Most of them. Moby Dick, still not a fan.) But I never thought about the books as more than just explorations of literature. I didn’t think about them on a social scale. I didn’t think about how even the choice of books impacted others.

Stagnant Summer Reading Lists

Recently, I read an article about the current lack of diverse books on school reading lists. In it, the author laments how the required reading list for his child felt regressive, like a list from another era. It had no diversity.

cry the beloved country.jpgThis made me think back to the books assigned to students to read in my high school. I grew up in a…

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A Poem – Challenge Accepted! 

So Drew at TheTattooedBookGeek and Gretchen at ChicNerdReads have been posting some poetry.  I am super shy (surprise, right?) and though I have a book review to write for The Shadow Queen, I have been asked to share some of my poetry with the world. I put it off because it makes me feel super exposed...but then I figured, …

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Beat the Backlist and Netgalley/Edelweiss Challenge 2017!

So I've signed up for two challenges...and I haven't even told you guys about it! So it's time before I post another review! My first challenge, and I am really excited about it (gotta get some books read that I own or are not NEW RELEASES!) is the Beat The Backlist challenge hosted by Novelknight's Blog: …

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