How I Write Book Reviews: guest post with Namitha @ Teen Memoir

Namitha talks about the techniques of blogging and included MY BLOG in her examples! I am honored to be featured by a fellow blogger friend! 😍❤️

Hey, everyone! I’m Namitha over @teenmemoir and today I’m going to be doing a guest post on Katie’s blog all about How I Write Book Reviews. Click here to check out Katie’s post on how she bookstagrams! She seriously posts the best pictures and I’m in love with her Instagram feed! Working with Katie was honestly so much fun and I hope to collab with her more in the future!

Tips/Things to Remember

Have an outline: Before you start writing, have an idea of what exactly you want to say in your review. Think and organize your thoughts. For example; Make a list of the things you liked/hated most in the book. Ask yourself questions like “What stood out to me the most?” or “What could have been better?” Then, try to group them under categories such as plot, characters, writing, pros, cons, etc. Next, outline your review. Do you…

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32 thoughts on “How I Write Book Reviews: guest post with Namitha @ Teen Memoir

      1. Hahaha. I so don’t feel like a pro yet, but it was a huge compliment to see the blog on here. I still feel like I’m trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with review posts, but it’s getting closer. 🙂

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    1. Oh I plan on it! I have it all spread out on the table and I have just been opening all my bookmail that stacked up while I was at work (trying to do it when I get home but most nights I’m too tired)…but I’m off on Tuesday so I’ll def tag you in it! Thank you so much for running the great giveaway!!

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    1. Thanks JR! Imitation is the finest form of flattery! (As long as it stops there and you don’t start like, posting my reviews too lmao!! 😂)
      I’m glad this post was helpful…it was just so sweet that she thought of me bc my blog is all designed on my iPhone or iPad and it makes it a little harder to design that way!

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