ALAMW 2018 – Part I (The Trip)

So I have been spending the last several days scanning books into my LibraryThing app...if you aren't familiar with the app, it allows you to keep track of your books and trust me, I need something like that. I am STILL not done pulling all the books in from my car: I'm not bragging, but …

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Merry Christmas Eve!!

So I couldn't go without blogging about the holiday since I have the Christmas spirit! Yes, I'm frantically wrapping presents 🎁 and I'm so excited for tomorrow...but I also think of all of you and how thankful I am to have you in my life. Most people feel thankful around Thanksgiving I think (hence the …

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I Wrote Something….Halloween Edition 

My friend Melanie was doing a Halloween feature and asked people to volunteer with their favorite "monster." I of course am a zombie fan...I was going to write a piece about the history and such, when I noticed other people were writing stories and doing cool themes.  So I decided to write a story. You …

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How I Write Book Reviews: guest post with Namitha @ Teen Memoir

Namitha talks about the techniques of blogging and included MY BLOG in her examples! I am honored to be featured by a fellow blogger friend! 😍❤️

Hey, everyone! I’m Namitha over @teenmemoir and today I’m going to be doing a guest post on Katie’s blog all about How I Write Book Reviews. Click here to check out Katie’s post on how she bookstagrams! She seriously posts the best pictures and I’m in love with her Instagram feed! Working with Katie was honestly so much fun and I hope to collab with her more in the future!

Tips/Things to Remember

Have an outline: Before you start writing, have an idea of what exactly you want to say in your review. Think and organize your thoughts. For example; Make a list of the things you liked/hated most in the book. Ask yourself questions like “What stood out to me the most?” or “What could have been better?” Then, try to group them under categories such as plot, characters, writing, pros, cons, etc. Next, outline your review. Do you…

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Then and Now: Rewriting the Book on School Reading Lists

I went to high school back when YA was nothing like it is today. So did she. Read on as she explains the difference in required reading lists and the attempts to change them: this has been my biggest trial…

K.L. Kranes, Author

In high school, although I was loathe to admit it to friends, I loved English class. Outwardly I complained like everyone else about the ‘boring’ books the teachers put on the reading lists. Inwardly I loved them. (Most of them. Moby Dick, still not a fan.) But I never thought about the books as more than just explorations of literature. I didn’t think about them on a social scale. I didn’t think about how even the choice of books impacted others.

Stagnant Summer Reading Lists

Recently, I read an article about the current lack of diverse books on school reading lists. In it, the author laments how the required reading list for his child felt regressive, like a list from another era. It had no diversity.

cry the beloved country.jpgThis made me think back to the books assigned to students to read in my high school. I grew up in a…

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A Poem – Challenge Accepted! 

So Drew at TheTattooedBookGeek and Gretchen at ChicNerdReads have been posting some poetry.  I am super shy (surprise, right?) and though I have a book review to write for The Shadow Queen, I have been asked to share some of my poetry with the world. I put it off because it makes me feel super exposed...but then I figured, …

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YA and Why It’s Important

Thank you E.C. This post HAD to be shared!! Dear Reader; Just recently I had a rant about books and writing exercises which ultimately digressed into an angry rant about how I was annoyed that people are so snooty about YA books. I mean, rea… Source: YA and Why It's Important

The Evolution of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin (Review)

Title: The Evolution of Mara Dyer Author: Michelle Hodkin Publisher: Simon & Schuster BYR, 2012 Genre: YA Paranormal This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA's Tumblr, and my Goodreads page My Review: "So everyone thinks your 'protagonist' is crazy," he said, making air quotes with his fingers. Everyone does seem to. "Pretty much." A smile appeared on …

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