Discussion: Expectations vs. Reality // Can Hype Ruin a Book?

This post talks about something dear to my heart – overhype.
It’s something that drives me crazy bc there are so many books that don’t get the recognition they deserve! 😔

Write Through the Night

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with Teacher of YA (check out her blog it’s amazing) about how Select by Marit Weisenberg didn’t seem to get a lot of hype either before or after its release. Instead, it just sort of slid under the radar, despite it being a YA book that I think a lot of people would genuinely enjoy (even you, maybe! read the review here!).  that got me thinking. Had the book been super hyped up before i read it, would I have given it as high of a review?

Hence the title of this post, and hopefully the content, also.

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