Grand Haven, MI

Bio: I'm an avid reader of YA. I do Read and Reviews (RaRs) for NetGalley and other books given to me, as well as books of my choosing. I graduated Fall 2016 from Grand Valley State University and will be a high school English teacher. I formed this blog to assist teachers and parents with finding contemporary YA for the classroom or for recreational reading. When I found out my 12 year old niece was given an inappropriate Young Adult title, suggested by a Barnes & Noble employee, I decided that there needs to be information to help buyers pick the right books. Some material is not right for younger YA readers while some is perfect. I like it all, and I want to share to help match books with readers. It's why I want to become a teacher. That, and I want to rekindle the love of reading books...and get new literature into the hands of students. Don't get me wrong: I love the classics! But authors like Lauren Destefano and Marissa Meyer write books that belong in the hands of young readers. I'm just the messenger. Please don't shoot me. If you would like to contact me regarding RaRs, please email me @ starlightshine83@aol.com. I mainly read YA science-fiction and fantasy, so those are the books I am most likely to agree to review. However, I am always open to help an indie author get a leg up! Thank you! 😘

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