Discussion: Expectations vs. Reality // Can Hype Ruin a Book?

This post talks about something dear to my heart – overhype.
It’s something that drives me crazy bc there are so many books that don’t get the recognition they deserve! 😔

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A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with Teacher of YA (check out her blog it’s amazing) about how Select by Marit Weisenberg didn’t seem to get a lot of hype either before or after its release. Instead, it just sort of slid under the radar, despite it being a YA book that I think a lot of people would genuinely enjoy (even you, maybe! read the review here!).  that got me thinking. Had the book been super hyped up before i read it, would I have given it as high of a review?

Hence the title of this post, and hopefully the content, also.

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16 thoughts on “Discussion: Expectations vs. Reality // Can Hype Ruin a Book?

    1. Me too!! Some are indies and some are just books that didn’t compete well with the others around it. Otherworld I feel is a perfect example: Jason Segal writes this fabulous book that I enjoyed immensely and most people don’t even know about it! That kills me.
      I love the underdogs lmao! 😂🙌

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  1. I’ve actually stopped trying to read overhyped books unless I really want to read them. This happened to me with Illuminae, I loved the format but I got so bored with the content, I really struggled to finish it.

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    1. I have heard that about Illuminae as well. I try to wait until hype dies down before I read a book so that I know if I liked it or not in my own untainted opinion. The majority of the time I find that most of the extremely hyped books are three stars and forgettable. Though I loved The Lunar Chronicles and Shatter Me, and ACOTAR, I mainly find myself drawn to the lesser known or forgotten books. I’m currently reading a book released in 2012 from a library sale called What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang. It’s really good and I would have missed out if I stuck to all new and hyped releases, you know?


  2. I definitely think that hype can ruin a book! I’ve seen so many books either on Twitter or Instagram, people say how good it is, but when I read it, I’m like “…Did we read the same book?!” LOL I think it’s just a hit or miss.

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  3. This hype thingy ruined the ACOTAR series for me, I mean, I know everyone loves that book but I read it when the hype lessened a little and I didn’t love it THAT MUCH, I’m too scared to say this to other people because I feel like they’re gonna throw rocks at me 😂😂😂 underrated books are so much betterr.

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    1. I completely understand – I enjoyed ACOTAR but I’m afraid to read Schwab’s books bc they are so hyped and everyone says they aren’t great: I tend to shy away from books EVERYONE loves. My tastes are different. I think hype has to die down bc then people ARE shocked when you don’t love their fave book.

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