Guess What Just Came in My Email??

Remember that survey for Goodreads I told y’all about? Well, they weren’t bluffing!!

Sorry it’s in two images. I didn’t want to share the code with the whole world, you know?

I’m so stoked. I’m going to start taking those user tests for money now. They offered and they pay $10/20 mins of your time. You just use the mic to answer consumer questions. All the money goes into PayPal.

It’s work the time! I make a little more than that an hour, so in 60 min I can make $30! That’s like having a job that pays you $30/hr!

::does a happy dance::

Thanks for sharing your time with me and listening to me be all stupid excited. ☺️

34 thoughts on “Guess What Just Came in My Email??

    1. I know: I don’t want to put it on my account until I know what I want because most of the time I buy really cheap books and I don’t mind paying for those…I want my gift cards to go to something amazing! I’ll have to start shopping…maybe a nice case for my Kindle? That’s like having a hardback book and an ebook in one!

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      1. It is, I seriously didn’t think of it til I got home & looked at my notifications. Started seeing that I had not a single comment except for 1 early this morning & it was in response to a comment.

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    1. There’s a website called…the only catch is you HAVE to have a microphone. I only got lucky because my mom works from home, so she has a headset she uses for Lyncs calls. So headset or mic will do. And it has to be on a computer. (My mom is on ours until 5pm, so mine will have to be after she gets off work: she’s so lucky she gets to (successfully) work from home!

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  1. Goodreads had a survey? I had no idea; that’s awesome! Nothing is more exciting than a gift certificate! πŸ˜€

    Having an hourly wage is the worst sometimes. You do the same thing I do. “X hours = Y money.” It drives me nuts sometimes when I try to buy things because I’m just thinking “Ugh, but this soda is worth half an hour of work” or whatever. :p

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